people dying inside
Prije 14 dana
i failed 123 Go art school
Danaxsharma Prije 57 minuta
What is this game called ?
Catlover 2.0
Catlover 2.0 Prije 59 minuta
Gotta love that she always lived in her parents' house
Lauren The Longan
Lauren The Longan Prije sat
I don’t think those are push pops…
sister'zworld Prije sat
ha my name is nishi 😨
Moonlight Blue stars
Moonlight Blue stars Prije sat
I have one of the tangles right on my bedside table and it really does relieve stress
Z XOXO Prije sat
Gloom:Remember when she said there's going to be a super viruse. Me:Coronavirus
Malaikah does stuff
Malaikah does stuff Prije sat
4:52 I did it
Sienna Marwood
Sienna Marwood Prije sat
Talking to much
Sophie Mitchell
Sophie Mitchell Prije sat
Its twinky
Ellie Baker
Ellie Baker Prije sat
I, Ellie, bless this watermelon not to ruin Kartha Gewart's hard work, nine men.
•Rei San•
•Rei San• Prije sat
Im gonna try this 🏃
peppa mint sugar
peppa mint sugar Prije sat
She does not remember azzy now
꧁ᴍɪsᴛʏ ᴛʜᴇ sʟᴇᴇᴘʏʜᴇᴀᴅ꧂
꧁ᴍɪsᴛʏ ᴛʜᴇ sʟᴇᴇᴘʏʜᴇᴀᴅ꧂ Prije sat
Was I the only person who didn’t know they were engaged?- 😳😧
Rohini Nair
Rohini Nair Prije sat
anyone else burst into uncontrollable laughter when gloom said NISHINISHI
ScaryAdventures Prije sat
Bee Friend :3
Bee Friend :3 Prije sat
Mẹ playing get a snack at 4am while watching this video:👁👄👁
NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena
NIX- Zoo Online Battle Arena Prije sat
Jazz is my sister’s name 😍😍😍her apple is sooooooo CUTEEEEEE! ( yes i’m calling an apple “CUTEEEEE”)
sister'zworld Prije sat
BigJeffery Prije sat
A couple of years ago... one of my best friends passed away and it broke me, my sister never really liked me and we had a pretty bad relationship so my best friend was like a sister we were together everyday. Three years later it still hurts to think about her and the wound isn't healed. But I know how gloom felt and I knew I had to keep going. So if you're reading this then keep going too. Your life is worth living there is so much to live for. Just keep on pushing through your dark times, you will come out the other side
Trisha Magallanes
Trisha Magallanes Prije sat
1:56 its pop it (not hate)
Bee Currie
Bee Currie Prije sat
its called a pop it
Scooter Girls
Scooter Girls Prije sat
The first thing its a pop it not push pop
Feyona Stewart
Feyona Stewart Prije sat
is baby yoda :D
Aimee Joyce Grijalvo
Aimee Joyce Grijalvo Prije sat
The push pop is a,poppet
Nononono Nono
Nononono Nono Prije sat
Cymee Naranjo
Cymee Naranjo Prije sat
3:28 I did it 😃
Kieran Prije sat
Hi Hi Hi
potato lettuce
potato lettuce Prije sat
f in the chat guy who didnt get to continue one piece
Iɴᴋʏ sᴛʏʟᴇs
Iɴᴋʏ sᴛʏʟᴇs Prije sat
The ‘snappy thing ‘ is called a Whacky track, you can get them off Amazon or eBay. :)
Iɴᴋʏ sᴛʏʟᴇs
Iɴᴋʏ sᴛʏʟᴇs Prije sat
Also, my favourite sensory toy is called a pop tube ( it’s really loud)
Liu liu
Liu liu Prije sat
Just the intro it’s to funny
AneTheTeaBag Prije sat
That moment when Kassie realises it's not even summer yet...
Calista Kidwell
Calista Kidwell Prije sat
Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh Prije sat
My fav restraunt is KFC duh😎
Adzana Kinanthi
Adzana Kinanthi Prije sat
This is nice and creepy
Christian Hendey
Christian Hendey Prije sat
Nooooooooooooooo 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😢
Pania MacDonald
Pania MacDonald Prije sat
its a poppit, not a push pop
Rachel Turner
Rachel Turner Prije sat
It's not a push pop its a poppet
Hamideh Fazli
Hamideh Fazli Prije sat
Hadley Payne
Hadley Payne Prije sat
Hi Kassie! i know this is kinda random but i really want you to finish the “don’t ring the bell game”!!!
Ryan Terrillion
Ryan Terrillion Prije sat
Emma_LovesYT Prije sat
I had the knee shake to....and I still have it 😂😂😅
Zkawai _shiper
Zkawai _shiper Prije sat
You say you where dumb?
Namrin _thegamer
Namrin _thegamer Prije sat
Gloom in the video don’t get a snack at 4 am i saw a comment saying there is another ending but you don’t get a trophy so all you have to do is rejoin get a snack at 4 am please make a part 2! of don’t get a snack at 4 am just to get this ending! Btw the person i saw commented it was rong jiang
Taro Boba
Taro Boba Prije sat
Oh gosh I was just watching the oldest video of gloom I can find...
Milky Way
Milky Way Prije sat
7:52 Wait a min... I saw this turtle before...but where Oh I remember!! ✨I saw it in amazing world of gumball✨
Rohan De Lanerolle
Rohan De Lanerolle Prije sat
I loved this video smmmmm
Adrian ES
Adrian ES Prije sat
Tandy Horton
Tandy Horton Prije sat
Your super fun
Kimberlee Nelson
Kimberlee Nelson Prije sat
The " little gummy things" are called mochis It's a wacky track
Kenza KSOURI Prije sat
« I never said I had natural legs » 😂
arielle.tinytan Prije sat
anyways stan twice
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Prije sat
wait what is this game called i wanna recomend this to laurenzside
BubblyGachaz Prije sat
“Did the rubber boi ever find the single piece?”(no ;-;) ONE PIECE is I the only one who screamed that ... Just me? Ok
Cymee Naranjo
Cymee Naranjo Prije sat
10:39 I saw it in the cats tail 👁️👄👁️
Alondra Miramontes
Alondra Miramontes Prije sat
She should've just kept the gifts ñike she bought them whith her monye
Shyla Gutierrez
Shyla Gutierrez Prije sat
Ahh y do I hate being a girl but sometimes nope lol ;) 🩸🖱
Raja Sarkar
Raja Sarkar Prije sat
U should play ' I became a dog ' its a really cute but creepy game
Joelle Whitlock
Joelle Whitlock Prije sat
i’m so happy kassie has been playing these types of games again 😭
Isabella Johnson
Isabella Johnson Prije sat
steve confirmed sally face 2 and gloom should playyyyyu
Thicc Sun
Thicc Sun Prije sat
KayKay Gacha
KayKay Gacha Prije sat
This makes me scared ngl..
Stephanie Pauline
Stephanie Pauline Prije sat
Derp_Queen Gacha
Derp_Queen Gacha Prije 2 sati
Anyone asking why elevator girls skin is bright white? AND WHY HER OUTFIT IS SO CUTE????
SOCK Prije 2 sati
no one: kassie: (40 seconds in the video) *SCREAMS*
Eva Yasmin Hristova
Eva Yasmin Hristova Prije 2 sati
My dog is a German Shepard, buuuuut..... Dumb.
Alecia Tulloch
Alecia Tulloch Prije 2 sati
These look so satisfying 😍
Lisha manoj
Lisha manoj Prije 2 sati
Kassie their is one more ending for get a snack at 4am. I played the whole game!
ARIANYA Austin Prije 2 sati
Roses are dead violets are dying outside I'm smiling but inside I'm crying
BabyStardust Prije 2 sati
Try typing 69 on the elevator buttons
carl briones
carl briones Prije 2 sati
at friday i dont have school actully saturday , sunday, monday
Brett Finley
Brett Finley Prije 2 sati
I'm the type that where's a jacket during the summer and refuses to wear jacket during the winter
Lily O'Brien
Lily O'Brien Prije 2 sati
Can you please do more story videos🥺
budi widjayanto
budi widjayanto Prije 2 sati
i tried indomie i have a thousond of it bc i live in indonesia but if u eat to much u might get dumb idk why but its carbs
Fun Funny Fountain
Fun Funny Fountain Prije 2 sati
I have a collection of sensory toys
Emmy Baker
Emmy Baker Prije 2 sati
A little marshmello puff... I like it
Sasha Stanley
Sasha Stanley Prije 2 sati
I'd've traded places with the nishishi guy because....kokichi
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Prije 2 sati
I love how there’s one boy playing this game called max-
Kitty mew and anime to oh and I’m a idiot
Kitty mew and anime to oh and I’m a idiot Prije 2 sati
Gloom:we don’t need Mary Jane she’s useless *20 minutes later* at times Like this I wish i had took Mary Jane
Richard Avina
Richard Avina Prije 2 sati
Can you fall for this :[] ...Read more
killerdeath the queen kitty
killerdeath the queen kitty Prije 2 sati
What happened to floor - 69