I tried Oddly Satisfying Slicing and Touching Apps

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We're going to try a free app where you can slice kinetic sand and then a paywall app where you subscribe to touch slime and listen to weird noises. ASMR is weird but I like it.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Fluxffy Teddy
Fluxffy Teddy Prije 7 sati
gloom- lets destroy this ladybug marinette= what did i do to u oh no I think gloom got akumatized
Phillip Barrios
Phillip Barrios Prije 13 sati
My teacher: says whats the hardest thing in life Me: Getting pinned from gloom
Faviola Serna
Faviola Serna Prije 14 sati
LHYN Prije dan
The first game u played is my favoret game in real life✌💕
Ray Bright
Ray Bright Prije 2 dana
All the miraculous lovers watching her cut the poor ladybug 😔
Ducky Playz
Ducky Playz Prije 2 dana
I disliked this because THE DUCKY MY FAVORITE ANIMAL
Alise Kilcawley
Alise Kilcawley Prije 4 dana
Human 2.0
Human 2.0 Prije 4 dana
When the tea came on my British heart went- 🪦😵
Fleur Allaway
Fleur Allaway Prije 4 dana
i have had this game forever i love it
C4K3 Gaming
C4K3 Gaming Prije 5 dana
6:16 That part is so funny
The Floofiest Potato
The Floofiest Potato Prije 5 dana
Is anyone gonna tell gloom that her hair is on FLEEK! :p It looks amazing :D
Deanna Hall
Deanna Hall Prije 5 dana
•iiCherryPie• Prije 6 dana
Wolf Queen
Wolf Queen Prije 6 dana
Idk y but I thought guillotine was pronounced gee-a-teen
Wisepickle Prije 7 dana
1:40 okay but are we not gonna talk about the buster sword? Lord knows I’m tempted to download this app just to be Cloud Strife
Eleanor Webster
Eleanor Webster Prije 8 dana
Legit I couldn’t stop laughing 😆 when the Guinea pig noise came up and her reaction
The Group
The Group Prije 8 dana
6:40 is when she turns into the mad hatter LOL
Ritu Kaushal
Ritu Kaushal Prije 8 dana
Do more please
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 8 dana
make the slimes stop
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 8 dana
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 8 dana
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 8 dana
Can you please show more screen gloom
Mollie Scott
Mollie Scott Prije 8 dana
Hey peeps ♡
shwiftyNintendoNerd !
shwiftyNintendoNerd ! Prije 8 dana
what is the slime app called?
Anna John
Anna John Prije 8 dana
0:05 0:47 both are same
Jimmy Cara
Jimmy Cara Prije 6 dana
Ria 822
Ria 822 Prije 8 dana
Lollypuppy_playzrblx Prije 9 dana
You should try super slime simulator its more slimey ☺️
Moises Velez
Moises Velez Prije 9 dana
Moises Velez
Moises Velez Prije 9 dana
Gloom can you try a game called sticky dash
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Prije 9 dana
Lol i have a guine pig hedoesnt do that lol
Kiwi Is Me
Kiwi Is Me Prije 9 dana
3:30 it is an apple 🍎
Anya’s Roblox
Anya’s Roblox Prije 9 dana
hi gloom can you react to shay making a dress and love your vids 🥰🥰🥰
Christy Pruett
Christy Pruett Prije 10 dana
Oh my Goodness I love satisfying app
Anja Mela
Anja Mela Prije 10 dana
You can get slime simulator for free
Zion Gibbs
Zion Gibbs Prije 10 dana
When I saw this vid I knew it was gonna be funny!🤣😳
It’s Mishel
It’s Mishel Prije 10 dana
For the slime one use the slime simulator app
ovi2ukas Prije 10 dana
Its a beever😅
Imogen Priemus
Imogen Priemus Prije 11 dana
Get slime simulation it's free and exactly like that one but you don't have to subscribe
Claire Gies-Tsilikounas
Claire Gies-Tsilikounas Prije 11 dana
*gxcha_gxmer_føx* Prije 11 dana
Bria in Beta
Bria in Beta Prije 11 dana
Play super slime simulator please
Aesthetic_295 Prije 11 dana
I have ASMR slicing
Darci Willis
Darci Willis Prije 11 dana
try super slime simulator it looks better, it sounds better and it’s free
Jennifer Helchowski
Jennifer Helchowski Prije 11 dana
Guinea pigs don make that sound- I have a guinea pug and he sounds like “MEEEP” it’s really funny!!!
Callmehsophie Prije 11 dana
Watching this really helped with my anxiety. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️
Sara Dev
Sara Dev Prije 11 dana
I have the last app on my i pad and i rlly wanted u to do the toilet paper and did u know u can make ur own asmr slime in it and discover doffrent sounds :)
-Blu Bunnx-
-Blu Bunnx- Prije 11 dana
i wish oreo macarons were a thing 😭😭😭 i love oreos and my fav flavor is cookies and cream and i loveee macarons ✨✨✨ i just wish it was a thing 👁👄👁 💧
• Aiko •
• Aiko • Prije 12 dana
If u want to play a different different game thats free and better Type "Super slime simulator"
Bianca Wilcock
Bianca Wilcock Prije 12 dana
Down load fluid it is so fricking satisfying
Huyen Tran
Huyen Tran Prije 12 dana
{\_/} ( . . ) />❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 i love you gloom
Lilly Bug
Lilly Bug Prije 12 dana
I have that game and it it so I finally finished
Sameer S
Sameer S Prije 12 dana
I had this game
Chartara Burts
Chartara Burts Prije 12 dana
You said that getting like when you put it like guinea pig in the sliding door actually do you actually don’t even sound like that they sound really cute and I also really soft since I went to my friends house and they have a guinea pig and we played it with the guinea pigs
Samantha Morgan
Samantha Morgan Prije 12 dana
I have that app
Impxrfect Prije 12 dana
Gloom should play super slide it’s better and it’s free and you can made the slime and it all sound different
jazz mine personal vlog
jazz mine personal vlog Prije 13 dana
Julie Middle
Julie Middle Prije 13 dana
I don’t need the cat purr I already have one
paulynn Prije 13 dana
anybody else miss her gaming videos..?
Naomi Prije 13 dana
I used to use super slime simulator its awesome you can create and customize your own slime it was so satisfying....... And its free
Anaya Ibanez
Anaya Ibanez Prije 13 dana
Please try run race 3D next!
Adele Vaughan
Adele Vaughan Prije 13 dana
You are starting to sound like azzy 😂
Rehma Prije 13 dana
For any of you that like slime there is a app called virtual slime it’s really cool
Sophia Jenkins Roblox
Sophia Jenkins Roblox Prije 14 dana
is it just me or did she say Oreo Macrons instead of Oreo Macaroons
Dragnog the Snake
Dragnog the Snake Prije 14 dana
the microphone one sounds kinda like the Ring whispering to Frodo in lotr
SING !!!
SING !!! Prije 14 dana
I know this is to late but you should try slime simulator
Eva Flores
Eva Flores Prije 14 dana
Keira Gibson
Keira Gibson Prije 14 dana
Please watch a episode of miraculous and react to it 😩
BreJanay Cobb
BreJanay Cobb Prije 14 dana
plssssss react to @snoopslimesofficial on tiktok
Harold Heilman
Harold Heilman Prije 14 dana
I have kinetic sand
Josh Gonzales
Josh Gonzales Prije 15 dana
Is gloomy hokmoth
Linda Sparkles
Linda Sparkles Prije 15 dana
I have this game
Izzy& Teay teay
Izzy& Teay teay Prije 15 dana
I hav e this app
BearsRUs Prije 15 dana
Can someone teach her how to talk!!! Plz I am begging you!!!!! LEARN HOW TO TALK!!!😡😡😡!!! Or just don’t talk at all.! If you are with me like this comment
•galaxy• or green cow? u will never no
•galaxy• or green cow? u will never no Prije 15 dana
What the Frick
نجمة القمر
نجمة القمر Prije 16 dana
All Things Ocean
All Things Ocean Prije 16 dana
Did terry remind you to unsubscribe
Raed Chehayeb
Raed Chehayeb Prije 16 dana
Make the pieces thiner
•aesthetic dixie•
•aesthetic dixie• Prije 16 dana
I think you should try "antistress - relaxation toys" it has all kinds of toys, including the ASMR cutting, but im not sure about slime
Bruh 7971
Bruh 7971 Prije 16 dana
The whisper mic reminded me of Harry Potter chamber of secrets
Junain Mohammed
Junain Mohammed Prije 16 dana
If had this game for about six months
Demon Cat Cult uwu
Demon Cat Cult uwu Prije 17 dana
what apps are these-
Ashley Nature
Ashley Nature Prije 17 dana
Nobody: Kassie: *is doings something Also kassie: “Why would you do this?”
Akilah Bogle
Akilah Bogle Prije 17 dana
Do you like Ariana grande
Bunnix gaming
Bunnix gaming Prije 17 dana
Gloom: oh a guinea pig, that’s terrifying Me: HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT MY GUINEA PIGS Me:their very cute and that is not how they sound APP
Sohayla Dalash
Sohayla Dalash Prije 17 dana
I have this game you are playnig
Havanna 430
Havanna 430 Prije 17 dana
Gloom I love your vids
Dreamythedragon Prije 17 dana
This is what apps have come to
charlie blythe
charlie blythe Prije 17 dana
I suggest super slime simulator it doesn't make you pay for things and even let's you make your own slime and decorate it however you like!
Allyson Blanchard
Allyson Blanchard Prije 18 dana
When gloom plays a game you already have
Nyan Powers
Nyan Powers Prije 18 dana
I played the first one
Jordyn Floyd
Jordyn Floyd Prije 18 dana
I have that game
LPS fanatic
LPS fanatic Prije 18 dana
I laughed throughout this whole video 😂😂😂 I love your reactions Kassie! When I see a video notification I know I have something that will brighten my day! 🥰
ImAnAnimal4Life Prije 18 dana
There is an app called 'Just Rain' that you might like (since you mentioned liking rain sounds). I've tried it after a friend recommended it to me and it was what it said it was, just rain! No music or anything.
Riley and Lainey playz Games
Riley and Lainey playz Games Prije 18 dana
Gloom play slim simulator
Star Girl
Star Girl Prije 18 dana
Try virtual slime
Chloe Meep
Chloe Meep Prije 18 dana
You should get slime simulator
Mia Czupryn
Mia Czupryn Prije 18 dana
Gloom: one of the things you can buy is a ‘gillitine’?!? Me: Ma’am, that is pronounced ‘gee-o-teen’ like bruh 😑
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Prije 18 dana
The cat sound reminds me that I haven’t seen my kitten in a week and I get to see her tomorrow. Now I’m happy. 😃
Halle Ramsey
Halle Ramsey Prije 18 dana
No don’t destroy the ladybug u hurt my friends
Leanne Chiang
Leanne Chiang Prije 18 dana
i love the third 1 the one with all the sounds
oddly satisfying but you can touch it
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