Don’t get a snack at 4am 🍔

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Prije 11 dana

Its time to Get A Snack At 4am. This is a surprisingly awesome Roblox game. This is an ALL TROPHY ENDINGS play through.
My INSTAGRAM: gloomykassie
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Video Edited by Terry & MauriCleric
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Aikosun Prije 25 minuta
Cart ride into Nicki Minaj:🧍‍♀️
Bee Friend :3
Bee Friend :3 Prije sat
Mẹ playing get a snack at 4am while watching this video:👁👄👁
Cleon Cueno
Cleon Cueno Prije 2 sati
I like u said happy day im gloooom
Jamie Cole
Jamie Cole Prije 5 sati
theres a gaster ending click the orb two times and steel something from the store and go in to the hall of the house and go into the door and glick him and die again you will get the gaster ending i think
Hannah K
Hannah K Prije 7 sati
mom is away bu dad he is in the bathroom
Hannah K
Hannah K Prije 7 sati
also try to steal it gives you a ending the endings cald : shoplifting
Aubrey Chambliss
Aubrey Chambliss Prije 7 sati
You should have eaten his food
Mushan Li
Mushan Li Prije 7 sati
There’s more
Amelia McDonnell
Amelia McDonnell Prije 8 sati
This is basically me in the middle of the day trying to hide my cookies that I steal from the cookie cabinet from my mom XP
‽¿ pepperm!nt_k!sses ¿‽
‽¿ pepperm!nt_k!sses ¿‽ Prije 8 sati
Absinthe’s Esoteric Adventure
Absinthe’s Esoteric Adventure Prije 8 sati
Autumn Wolarik
Autumn Wolarik Prije 9 sati
She missed a lot off the game
Soft•Ashley Prije 10 sati
4:24pm Here 😭✨✋
Jacob Croft
Jacob Croft Prije 11 sati
Jacqueline T
Jacqueline T Prije 11 sati
How did you got the ball of the store
Sir Kermit
Sir Kermit Prije 12 sati
Gloom: “ five dollars for a bloxy cola that’s expensive!!” Also gloom: buys egg for 25 dollars
Angela Elmore
Angela Elmore Prije 12 sati
When ur mum falls asleep and u eat nonstop😂
Angela Elmore
Angela Elmore Prije 12 sati
0C34_N Prije 12 sati
Alivia Great
Alivia Great Prije 12 sati
How come the egg cost more than the soda
I am here
I am here Prije 14 sati
My favorite HRpost playing my favorite Roblox game
jemima kiladi
jemima kiladi Prije 14 sati
Looney Lise
Looney Lise Prije 15 sati
gloom can u play adopt me????
Yaretzy Vega
Yaretzy Vega Prije 15 sati
I played that game
Jesse Prije 16 sati
Play more roblox
_.Emxtional Plays._
_.Emxtional Plays._ Prije 21 sat
Gloom if you are reading this the game did not end and it has a whole storytime if you join again. Also you can steal from the shop when the cashier is on break -.-. Also thus game doesn't make sence untill you end it and then rewatch it that is why I am here rewatching it and now I understand. Even the notes make sence now!
_.Emxtional Plays._
_.Emxtional Plays._ Prije 21 sat
If someone wants me to explain in the comments, I will.
_.Emxtional Plays._
_.Emxtional Plays._ Prije 21 sat
Me: *searching for a video to see if I did smth wrong* Also me: *scrolls all walkthroughs till this came in my screen* Then me: Yeeeeeeeess
heart Prije 22 sati
There is more endings theres one that i rememeber wich is soda flood and corrupted world
nicole Bernel Castillo
nicole Bernel Castillo Prije dan
Pls Can you pls play mimic and if you play it press multiplayer chose a chapter and don't go alone btw the mimic is a horror game If anyone wants gloom to play mimic comment this again but not in my comment pls I want gloom's reaction😭🙏
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer Prije dan
btw, the last ending is a rare one. I got it the first time I played. You have to be really Lucky to get "THE STRANGE PURPLE MAN ENDING". It's a 1 in 75 percent chance... Thats the last ending
Alexa Ugarte Gonzalez
Alexa Ugarte Gonzalez Prije dan
BTW if you stay longer where it tells you the game ended that’s cap there is ONE MAIN last one (don’t wanna spoil) but you should go check it out
Laura Pullen
Laura Pullen Prije dan
There's more after the ending dat fake ending
Lesley Martinez
Lesley Martinez Prije dan
There is more to the game
Julissa.vargas Prije dan
Lessely Lily
Lessely Lily Prije dan
uWu there is another storyline of this eee
Zaffkiel Aly
Zaffkiel Aly Prije dan
Arianna Loyola
Arianna Loyola Prije dan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
_London Roberts
_London Roberts Prije dan
I saw itsfunneh play this game so I know what was going to happen 😂
Maryanne Olorunfunmi
Maryanne Olorunfunmi Prije dan
U haven't finished the game
Edward Kanabay
Edward Kanabay Prije dan
Who else played after watching and put toothpaste and orange juice on a plate a got “NO!!!” ....just me ok
Akuma Lol
Akuma Lol Prije dan
When you skip ahead and realize she didn’t get the last ending (I wanted to see her reaction 🥲)
Anson Li
Anson Li Prije dan
Btw you didn’t get all the endings yet The game still continues DON DON
Sweet Stuff
Sweet Stuff Prije dan
I played this and it took twenty seconds
Rick Astley fan
Rick Astley fan Prije dan
Oh...I’m not eating pizza rn
Evelyn Angles
Evelyn Angles Prije dan
I played this game and got a secret ending I took to long to do anything
Nero Prije dan
The way it looks like noon in Kassie's house even at night lol
The JR Group
The JR Group Prije dan
When you would love to get snacks at 4 am but your dad always sleep on the couch ‘:)
Kissey Golden
Kissey Golden Prije dan
I played that game
Joy-Ann Cools
Joy-Ann Cools Prije dan
That was not the ending do a part 2
Unidemen Prije dan
1000👍 0👎👿😈😈
kaiya Kaeo
kaiya Kaeo Prije dan
I playd it
nekogamingfat Prije dan
Izzie Rose
Izzie Rose Prije dan
Me:Gloom please play roblox find a snack at 4:00 am Gloom: Ur wish is granted:)
Corrupted_Keroppi Prije dan
you should play again!! you missed a huge part of the game- you think it’s over but it’s really not. there’s soooo much more to be discovered
dragon ink
dragon ink Prije dan
There was a secret ending
{Çøttøñ_çäñdÿ_çøpÿçåtš} Prije dan
gloom there's a secret ending that's not the true ending you should try doing it again :)
Galaxygamer _09
Galaxygamer _09 Prije dan
Gloom you forgot the finale ending
Janice Taper
Janice Taper Prije dan
I love this video and all your videos
Jazmyn Sapp
Jazmyn Sapp Prije dan
girl there is more to the game you just have to stay there
Jervis-Jehan Laurent
Jervis-Jehan Laurent Prije dan
1:44 dad :P
KittyStar Ella
KittyStar Ella Prije dan
Your not done with the game yet. Join back and drink orange juice and toothpaste and just keep re joining.
・ ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ ᴍɪsᴛ ᴜᴡᴜ ・
・ ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ ᴍɪsᴛ ᴜᴡᴜ ・ Prije dan
the whole entire game & plot of the game = me at 3 am
• potato •
• potato • Prije dan
Am I only one who noticed that the objective text is getting shorter and shorter....?
Ãshłēÿø Wēē
Ãshłēÿø Wēē Prije dan
I Like How Dad Heard Her Opening And Eating Chips But Didn’t Hear Her Opening The Door Even In The Bathroom Picking Up Toothpaste And Money 😂
gαlαχуρlєвρσтαтσуσσт :ρ
gαlαχуρlєвρσтαтσуσσт :ρ Prije dan
U didn’t play the whole game!
himalika roul
himalika roul Prije dan
I didn’t know u play Roblox
Ashlee Barben
Ashlee Barben Prije dan
i am a big fan i wish i was you!!!!!
Ysobel Mari Ramos
Ysobel Mari Ramos Prije dan
There is 2 more endings the 2 ending's are Secret ending and purple guy ending
Daya Romolor
Daya Romolor Prije dan
There is more to the game, if you stay in the credits long enough a story will unfold and you will do more!
Shahy Rasheed
Shahy Rasheed Prije 2 dana
I even love chips🍟🍔🍕🌭🥪
Shahy Rasheed
Shahy Rasheed Prije 2 dana
I love playing roblox ❤💙💜💝
XXx the_trashPeanut yeah
XXx the_trashPeanut yeah Prije 2 dana
if you join again theres more...
XxSallygamergirl xX
XxSallygamergirl xX Prije 2 dana
KASSIE THERES MORE ENDINGS If you look at the clock and wait for it to become mornings you get an ending and I think there’s more endings
random user that wastes your time
random user that wastes your time Prije 2 dana
Gloom: So you just cant sleep in condition! Me: i shoved my head inside a pillow and i slept
Janeth Marquez
Janeth Marquez Prije 2 dana
Mable _theyt
Mable _theyt Prije 2 dana
POV: you love watching gloom but haven’t been on HRpost in a while so you are watching this video now!
Chyrsa Wilson
Chyrsa Wilson Prije 2 dana
Mya V
Mya V Prije 2 dana
Umm are we just ganna ignore that she PLAYS ROBLOX
Delilah Milliken
Delilah Milliken Prije 2 dana
There is more if you stayed
doesntmakesense Prije 2 dana
you didn't really finish the WHOLE story though
Lily Harrell
Lily Harrell Prije 2 dana
Another game that you should play is royal hi
ZARA GUERRA Prije 2 dana
just saying you didnt get the finale ending, watch ItsFunneh's Video to see the finale ending and how to get it lol
Shylah’s World
Shylah’s World Prije 2 dana
You didn’t finish the game all the way there is extras but you can check out itsfunnehs video or do another vid 🙂
•Violet Devil•
•Violet Devil• Prije 2 dana
And I want Slurpee‘s
TW GoddisGaming
TW GoddisGaming Prije 2 dana
you missed two endings the true ending and insoma where you stay up all night.
Ana Champagne
Ana Champagne Prije 2 dana
Zer0 Prije 2 dana
Savannah Cummins
Savannah Cummins Prije 2 dana
Gloom there is more to the game don’t leave and when It kicks you join back and keep trying to play the game
Gymnastics Das
Gymnastics Das Prije 2 dana
Of you
Allison 2013
Allison 2013 Prije 2 dana
Try to get ends
Allison 2013
Allison 2013 Prije 2 dana
I did that one on my channel
Zumra Kutlovac
Zumra Kutlovac Prije 2 dana
You forgot the insomnia ending
JASMINE MEJIA Prije 2 dana
There’s more to the game there’s much more to the game you should watch funneh’s new video it’s a hour long but skip to like 30 minuets to see all you missed
weeb 2.0
weeb 2.0 Prije 2 dana
if you wait there is more to the game and more endings watch itsfunneh play get a snack at 4am
Hagar dragon
Hagar dragon Prije 2 dana
There is a secret ending
Mily JesusNuñez
Mily JesusNuñez Prije 2 dana
Kristen Mclain
Kristen Mclain Prije 2 dana
play roblox adopt me
Emelia Mancz
Emelia Mancz Prije 2 dana
I got the house fire in a stupider way 😂 I put chips on the stove and waited till it cooked😂
Patty B
Patty B Prije 2 dana
I know this game
Liliana Ramirez
Liliana Ramirez Prije 2 dana
Wait gloom has roblox?!
Trenece Washington
Trenece Washington Prije 2 dana
They made get a snack at 4 am 2
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