oddly satisfying but make it exciting

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usually oddly satisfying is super relaxing or makes you want to sleep, these are ones i found that are more on the fun and exciting part of the spectrum. They just make me feel good in a motivating way!
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Elissa-nicole Brown
Elissa-nicole Brown Prije 3 sati
Cassie: I love going to the US because they have so many cereals that are banned here Me: WOOHOOO!! Terrible health in the USA!!!!
Marissa Stump
Marissa Stump Prije 4 sati
She gagged at chocolate chip cookies?
Kim Delgado
Kim Delgado Prije 4 sati
That looks so cute 😍
Alex Kephart
Alex Kephart Prije 5 sati
Ash• Prije 6 sati
Kassie: why do I look like a clown? Terry: oh that, you look like that before the makeover Had me dying 😂😂😂
Rachel Seeders
Rachel Seeders Prije 7 sati
The Kirby boba maches her shirt
Sunflower Sisters Gaming
Sunflower Sisters Gaming Prije 9 sati
Grandpa drinking boba:👌
Sunflower Sisters Gaming
Sunflower Sisters Gaming Prije 9 sati
I always wondered how Bella Poarch had such cute cheeks
Liam SULLIVAN Prije 9 sati
you talk about clouds when your wearing a cloud shirt did anyone else see that
bunny plays
bunny plays Prije 11 sati
bunny plays
bunny plays Prije 11 sati
I think that you are so cute
Mila Tran
Mila Tran Prije 12 sati
🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👹👹👹 jk I love using these emoji’s
Anu Boro
Anu Boro Prije 14 sati
00:27 he's jeon changha right
JJamesgames Prije 16 sati
I love your hair kassie!
Erin Fisher
Erin Fisher Prije 16 sati
Kassie terry is being wrong about the eye thing you looked amazing terry I bet was just jealous hmm isn’t that right terry
Thando Chiloane
Thando Chiloane Prije 16 sati
Kassie you always make little kids happy
Levi Henkel
Levi Henkel Prije 18 sati
I live in Wisconsin
The Kewl Koala
The Kewl Koala Prije 19 sati
12:18 rip people with braces lol
Im afreaking idiot
Im afreaking idiot Prije 23 sati
Lol I’m eating cookie crisp
Adele Croall
Adele Croall Prije 23 sati
the cloud drink and her shirt i love it!
Psycho Gacha Girl
Psycho Gacha Girl Prije dan
I like the makeup
Ramisa Alam
Ramisa Alam Prije dan
1:38 or 1:40 "i don't want this to look like i have pink eye" me: GURL I HAD PINK EYE AT 2016 OR 2017 AND U DON'T LOOK LIKE U HAVE PINK EYE (sorry i was shouting at my ipad this but i'm not trying to be mean)
Savanna Hasser
Savanna Hasser Prije dan
I LIKE frosted Minnie Wheats
Christine Sy
Christine Sy Prije dan
Kassie:mini wheats are discussing me: mini wheats are my fav breakfeast
cats and stuffs and other things
cats and stuffs and other things Prije dan
I totally wish I had that Mickey mouse soap dispenser but I live with the toddler and she already washes her hands too much
Samantha Worden
Samantha Worden Prije dan
We have trees that make the sunset look like the Detroit zoo map picture. It just matches accept for the animals.
AR Bainbridge
AR Bainbridge Prije dan
You should do a colab with sssniperwolf
Abigail Wyman
Abigail Wyman Prije dan
She be like but gummies me be like I'm allergic to gummies 😳😚✌️
SunflowerMario ;-;
SunflowerMario ;-; Prije dan
Kassie* sorry-
SunflowerMario ;-;
SunflowerMario ;-; Prije dan
*massive giving a motivational speech about gummies* me eating hard candy while watching this video: hmm...
Lauren Brandwein
Lauren Brandwein Prije dan
😂 Man:”looks like a brain with a spinal cord coming out of it”. Gloom:”looks like a jelly fish”. Me:”looks like squid-wards brain lol”.
Amer Barznjy
Amer Barznjy Prije dan
Her sweater is so cuteeee I want one :3
Amy Berthiaume
Amy Berthiaume Prije dan
Kassy: miniweats r so discusting Me 😶**unsuscribe** (I didn’t actually unsubscribe tho haha I wouldn’t)
Killer Bunni
Killer Bunni Prije dan
5:20 This girl is a literal Disney princess.
Allie Turnidge
Allie Turnidge Prije dan
once we only payed .35 at safeway
PASTELchøsaws ・
PASTELchøsaws ・ Prije dan
6:15 : Is that the little miss perfect i spot?!
U look like Carly from icarly also that's a compliment!!
Raegan Good
Raegan Good Prije dan
Is it buggin anyone else thatt there is just ONE lil hair sticking out? 2:19
CrUShEdMelOn :3
CrUShEdMelOn :3 Prije dan
Does this girl look like Azzy or is it just me??? 0:37
Nick Chioreanu
Nick Chioreanu Prije dan
Did anybody see that the girl in the bubble bouncing video that she didn’t blink at all
Alex Fart
Alex Fart Prije dan
The Kirby drink matches her sweater.
Isabella Fenn Holdnick
Isabella Fenn Holdnick Prije dan
I love your cloud sweater it’s so cute🥰
Steve Preston
Steve Preston Prije dan
Dry ice bubble, bubble fluid with water in a jar, stick a bubble wand in there and bam-dry ice bubble 2:44
Malena Santillan
Malena Santillan Prije dan
can u put the link of the “skincare queen” video plssssss somebody respond to this and put the link plssssssss
Lahni Malone
Lahni Malone Prije dan
That second person looked like kassies friend Azzy ( Azzyland) how didn’t she realise that 😂🤣
Fi KK Prije dan
She should have added a darker shade
Belle Prije dan
Why is nobody talking about the first dude? Like, whoa bro you gonna pop out of my anime? Ngl... he's kinda- THE LOVE OF MY LIFE MATERIAL!?
Lazzari Santos
Lazzari Santos Prije dan
7:12 it the Portal to Narnia
Harmony Serna
Harmony Serna Prije dan
13:33 i actually saw hat tik tok while scrolling on my fyp
Joy Massage
Joy Massage Prije dan
Tip for rosey cheeks when you can’t have makeup: grab the most painful thing in your house and use it to scratch your cheeks red
TropicalKitty Prije dan
Ok ok so when you put on the Stuff at the beginning of the video it looked cute
DA - 06SN 792694 Morning Star MS
DA - 06SN 792694 Morning Star MS Prije dan
Love that beat at the end lol 😂
charlene mosley
charlene mosley Prije dan
Can u do a makeup challenge please
judyjude Prije dan
the girl with the bubbles had the same glitterfrecklemakeup cassie tried on in aother vid.
Kaylee Hernandez
Kaylee Hernandez Prije dan
Luka.ry0 Prije dan
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster Prije dan
I dont get the appeal of the red under the eyes. It just makes the person look tired/sick/dead.
i liked the look but what is most important is your inner beauty
Jossie Lyn
Jossie Lyn Prije dan
Ok, my favorite part of living in Michigan is that almost EVERY DAY we have a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Like, when I rode the bus to school, at like 7 in the morning... *Chefs Kiss* BEAUTIFUL!!!
Daphne Mollington
Daphne Mollington Prije dan
What did she mean with “ not the time” ?*coughs* i don’t know if you heard about quarantine and COVID??!!
Kylie Shackelford
Kylie Shackelford Prije dan
B Garrison
B Garrison Prije dan
I love frosting but in weeks how dare you!!!!!!!
shi Prije dan
kassie I really need to know where you're getting your clothes from ahhhhhhhh i need themmmmm 😔😔😫
shi Prije dan
kassie I really need to know where you're getting your clothes from ahhhhhhhh i need themmmmm 😔😔😫
Ella Sjunning
Ella Sjunning Prije dan
Video idea: Kartha Gewart making meringues in different shapes and like characters
Shivi Agarwal
Shivi Agarwal Prije dan
how are the walking on it and not making a foot mark please reply if you know
Sankari Sidharth
Sankari Sidharth Prije dan
0:37 that girl exactly looks like azzy
Vessi The Chicken
Vessi The Chicken Prije dan
Lol chain
Vessi The Chicken
Vessi The Chicken Prije dan
Madhavi Shirbhate
Madhavi Shirbhate Prije 2 dana
Please make a video in which you make cute crafts
Brailey Heatherly
Brailey Heatherly Prije 2 dana
Me watching this at 2:08 am in the morning WHY AM I SOOOOO TIERED
BlankBlackWolves WindyMountainGirl
BlankBlackWolves WindyMountainGirl Prije 2 dana
Okay so..... does no one know how long haired people do buns?? I mean that is legit how I do my hair once every day
Emma Play
Emma Play Prije 2 dana
Kassies sweater matched the drink
rheighn Riva
rheighn Riva Prije 2 dana
Charlotte Powell
Charlotte Powell Prije 2 dana
Gloom: What how did she do that? Me: I know! IT'S WITCH CRAFT.
Laurita R.
Laurita R. Prije 2 dana
Where they say sanding a cloud to the sky there wure clouds
jamilla Martin
jamilla Martin Prije 2 dana
You are amazing👍! Thanks again for sharing this post
Sparkle princess
Sparkle princess Prije 2 dana
I Love asmr😍
Butt Cheek
Butt Cheek Prije 2 dana
When you put it on the red stuff I thought it's cute
Lety Paez
Lety Paez Prije 2 dana
Kassie makes the weirdest sounds and we should apreatiate
Maggie Sutherland
Maggie Sutherland Prije 2 dana
I don’t even have to put the makeup on to get that effect, I have exima😂 Pain
Eva Olsen (Student)
Eva Olsen (Student) Prije 2 dana
Kassie look pretty anyway she is!
Madelynn Laven
Madelynn Laven Prije 2 dana
THANK YOU for saying latter!!!!
Sofi Rocha
Sofi Rocha Prije 2 dana
I have seen those kind of sunsets and I live in Texas in a city right next to the border of Mexico so close that I ca even walk to Mexico if I wanted to.
Robin Gunn
Robin Gunn Prije 2 dana
2:18 I LOVE IT
Caroline brant
Caroline brant Prije 2 dana
Kassie “ok why do I look like a clown” Terry “ oh u looked like that before” me dying of laughter.🤣
Ava frogdoodoo
Ava frogdoodoo Prije 2 dana
Did Kasi even know that her ✨BUTIFL✨ sweater match with the at home boba thingy🧋
David Clarke
David Clarke Prije 2 dana
unicornlover video
unicornlover video Prije 2 dana
I like mini wheats
Allison Faircloth
Allison Faircloth Prije 2 dana
Show jessfam the Disney someplace one
Lynn Sornberger
Lynn Sornberger Prije 2 dana
the boba mach her outfit
I am a Crackhead
I am a Crackhead Prije 2 dana
Lon3Wolf_Gacha Prije 2 dana
What did that guy at 9:58 use to cast the Alexa does anyone know
Natalie Carswell
Natalie Carswell Prije 2 dana
That ending tho 🤣🤣🤣 Edit: Ok so my lil sis cam into my room and when she heard that ending she started to do the same thing for 15 minutes and now its an every day thing to her
Anima Dino
Anima Dino Prije 2 dana
ok im sorry but i dont like gummys much
Elyse Wilcox
Elyse Wilcox Prije 2 dana
Alli Dolphin
Alli Dolphin Prije 2 dana
Terry and Kassie and the sweetest thing together periodt
Zaza’s YT
Zaza’s YT Prije 2 dana
i get those type of sunsets in Tulsa
Candace Van Dyke
Candace Van Dyke Prije 2 dana
I love it the make up that you put under your eyes
hi there
hi there Prije 2 dana
How many times can Gloom go into satisfying? ⬇️
bianka sosa
bianka sosa Prije 2 dana
You looked amazing with those red eyes
oddly satisfying but you can touch it
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