Creative vs DUMB Mask Ideas 😷

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Tik Tok has been mask prank central for a few weeks now and since I'm Canadian aka have to wear a mask for a while, I thought I'd review the various DIY, prank and creative mask strategies.
My INSTAGRAM: gloomykassie
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

peppa mint sugar
peppa mint sugar Prije 7 minuta
She does not remember azzy now
AneTheTeaBag Prije 23 minuta
That moment when Kassie realises it's not even summer yet...
Butterfly fairy
Butterfly fairy Prije sat
Y'all know the people version that's a movie of Scoobie doo? Well cassy looks like velma
Jessica McCall
Jessica McCall Prije 5 sati
Me too
XxLazy_VibesxX Prije 5 sati
Her hair line is so straight while mine looks a giraffe with a broken neck because I’m too lazy to fix it..
AA Gacha
AA Gacha Prije 5 sati
2:03Thats the one my principal hads and its AMAZING
Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner Prije 6 sati
Hey Gloom, why are you so perfect?
Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner Prije 6 sati
RoseyAshe Prije 8 sati
Are you wearing a necklace that says your name in Arabic ?!?!?!?!??
Mary Jane Gibson
Mary Jane Gibson Prije 8 sati
Santa*yea so i was driving down the highway the other day and this one car just THAT JUST DEFEFEETS THE PURPOUST OF HAVING A MASKK
Mystical Kiwi’s
Mystical Kiwi’s Prije 9 sati
I have the same exact mask in the beggining! :D
Semmy Hoofwijk
Semmy Hoofwijk Prije 9 sati
👁👄👁 👁👅👁
Kelsey MillerOverton
Kelsey MillerOverton Prije 9 sati
You said bacterium not bacteria
Christie Prepis
Christie Prepis Prije 10 sati
I don't think she watched the full Tiny Tan (BTS) mask tt
Keating Killelea
Keating Killelea Prije 10 sati
1:01 Lion King vibes 😂😂😂😂😂😂
GracieRager Prije 11 sati
My wish is to get 1k subs by tomorrow
Artsy Gamers
Artsy Gamers Prije 11 sati
I can’t stand that people will go around wearing their masks normal not talking or anything but when they talk they pull their mask down, kinda defeats the purpose of wearing the mask....
YuriNovaGaming Prije 12 sati
Can I just say something gloom is so pretty.🤩
Pickle the guinea pig
Pickle the guinea pig Prije 12 sati
The worst thing is when Ur wearing a mask and when u take it off all Ur makeup is smudges and is all over the mask ;-;
water splash rainig cats
water splash rainig cats Prije 13 sati
Masks are dumb
Gacha_potado X.z
Gacha_potado X.z Prije 14 sati
When your ⏃ Dsmp fan and you hear Addison Rae: 😩🔪
Feitan Your Grammar
Feitan Your Grammar Prije 14 sati
Straight off ThE bLaCk MaRkEt
NZM Prije 14 sati
I havent worn a mask in 6 months... because I haven't left my house in 6 months
Heyy Stobh it
Heyy Stobh it Prije 14 sati
Yaaaaaayyyyy Kassie said "love these guys" mentioning BTS 😘😘. I remember her singing dynamite in a recent video and she didn't know the lyrics...Waahh I'm sooo happy rn😂💜💜 I kno I'm being overdramatic...But knowing the person I really really like loves the persons I really love is *awesome*
La'sha Prije 15 sati
*”I mean he’s wear it a little low..a little low for- OH.”*
Sanyji•senpai Prije 15 sati
Hi read this
Basma Karvanian
Basma Karvanian Prije 15 sati
Basma Karvanian
Basma Karvanian Prije 15 sati
jimin's jams
jimin's jams Prije 15 sati
Marwa Jondi
Marwa Jondi Prije 16 sati
I want to make mask to but I don't know I like this when this the mask talks mask so adorable I want pink 😻
MoonMoon N' Kit
MoonMoon N' Kit Prije 17 sati
I went to an art gallery a few weeks ago and they had 2, not 1, 2 separate art things that were masks, on different levels of the gallery. One was street artists had graffiti-ed the fabric masks. And the other was ceramic masks but the kind we have to wear. (both were really cool)
Lisa Daigneault
Lisa Daigneault Prije 17 sati
She sk sk
ella Maddy's girl
ella Maddy's girl Prije 17 sati
ella Maddy's girl
ella Maddy's girl Prije 17 sati
Won't work
mighty kitty
mighty kitty Prije 18 sati
Wait what summer, over here I'm glad to be wearing a mask because it still cold-
Bloody Rainbow
Bloody Rainbow Prije 18 sati
Mask I'm pretty sure protect at least a little against sunburns I got a sunburn and it's only around my one eye like todorki because my Mask and hair.
Kiki Chan
Kiki Chan Prije 19 sati
I’m wearing a mask right now 😂
Molly kock Sørensen
Molly kock Sørensen Prije 19 sati
Day 1 of asking gloom to make more asmr skincare
Silvee_army Prije 19 sati
3:48 I was screaming out of my lungs!!!!! Ahhhhh BTS tinytan!!!!!!
Queen Latisha
Queen Latisha Prije 20 sati
3:59. What was that sound- "Aind"
Releena Naus
Releena Naus Prije 20 sati
My principle wore that talk mask
Jasmin Jang
Jasmin Jang Prije 20 sati
She says thank you to ppl who are wearing masks. Me:*cough cough* living in NZ and just going around not wearing a mask. (Don't think about it the wrong way cuz in NZ we don't have to wear masks since we're one of those countries that aren't in lockdown)
Alex toom
Alex toom Prije 20 sati
Carla Sofia Fiesta
Carla Sofia Fiesta Prije 20 sati
Carla Sofia Fiesta
Carla Sofia Fiesta Prije 20 sati
Are you an fan of BTS
simp Prije 22 sati
Well, just wear a mask.
Prue pickles
Prue pickles Prije 23 sati
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I hate boys
Tracey Botha
Tracey Botha Prije dan
2000-2019:crushes /people giving each other chocolate teddy bears flowers 🐻💐🍫 2020:crushes /people giving each other masks 🎭😂
Sydney Akridge
Sydney Akridge Prije dan air???? It just snowed in Colorado my friend, idk what summer is
// JUST MONIKA \\ Prije dan
TNT Prije dan
Where are all my Army's at ? 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Marleigh Woodward
Marleigh Woodward Prije dan
Are you sure that Addison Rae
Brittney W. Morales
Brittney W. Morales Prije dan
3:48 BTS's Tiny Tan masks are so cute, even if there just masks 😊😂
Bailey Maben
Bailey Maben Prije dan
My favorite part about masks is I don't get embarrassed (as much), and I don't care (as much) if I get pimples. 🙃
Platnium Risin
Platnium Risin Prije dan
Masks are actually bad for your health...
DJ_Hyperfresh Prije dan
Does anyone know where to find the multi-colorful masks? I tried looking on Amazon but it couldn't find the right ones.
•ItzGachaHumans• Prije dan
School makes us wear masks while running laps- I broke my mask from panting lol
Evan Simmons
Evan Simmons Prije dan
I love how she added a small clip of the movie The Mask I love that movie and it has Jim Carrey in it
Thomas- Avery McDonald
Thomas- Avery McDonald Prije dan
10:21 got me WHEEZING
Sloth Club
Sloth Club Prije dan
Ok I have a story so I was putting on makeup because it was Halloween and I was waring my mask and it was all over my face because I was a clown so it got hot so I took it of and so many people were looking at me and I went home and it was alll over and I mean all over
Bethzy Macias ramirez
Bethzy Macias ramirez Prije dan
The fact that I will ware that white Bts mask 😭
Sniper X Vixen
Sniper X Vixen Prije dan
Kassie: I don't wear a mask because I can't breathe! Me; 👁️👄👁️ I am a full time fursuiter and you say you can breathe? 👁️💋👁️💅
oof oof
oof oof Prije dan
After day 1,000,000 seeing gloom 👁️👄👁️😂 it's a dare BUT no offense I REALLY LOVE your vids gloom 🌺
Victoria Robles
Victoria Robles Prije dan
3:48 gloom : so they just put a white mask in a box and sold it Me : Its prob non-official merch
alpha wolf 111
alpha wolf 111 Prije dan
Your dog mask I have one too
Megan Stapf
Megan Stapf Prije dan
I honestly like sssniperwolf better
Kyra Getz
Kyra Getz Prije dan
the guy who was knitting the virus mask is covid 19 virus.
It’s CharChar_YT
It’s CharChar_YT Prije dan
5:56 thats not a mask u dumba** its a face shield that ur supposed to wear on top of ur mask to protect ur eyes so if u dont have a mask under it thats just horribly unsafe bc that wont protect u at all
-Angie- Prije dan
Aisha Prije dan
Love u gloom 💙
Kayley Stoehr
Kayley Stoehr Prije dan
When he said it’s 6:20 it just turned 7:20 😭
i am blue dody making a short
i am blue dody making a short Prije dan
👀 👃 🥽
shytonia brown
shytonia brown Prije dan
Lesley’s Life!
Lesley’s Life! Prije dan
0:40 me and you host sister 🙄 🤢 🤮
Akacia Mungulu
Akacia Mungulu Prije dan
ThisIsAUsername Prije dan
So the conclusion is... these ideas are both creative and dumb
Emily Royal
Emily Royal Prije dan
Second time watching this. One being that I now have braces and it hurts my mouth and I needed gloom to make my day better
Messy Bun
Messy Bun Prije dan
It's funny ok esept I don't watch much
Maya Dunn
Maya Dunn Prije dan
Aleinah Pole
Aleinah Pole Prije dan
i have the same mask as you
Soft•Ashley Prije dan
What if we go at 3 IT IS 4:19PM HERREEEEE
Hogan Nance
Hogan Nance Prije dan
Begining: I hate mask! End: ya know I just love masks
Sunny_wolfie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Sunny_wolfie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije dan
😷 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
Vanessa Omorowa
Vanessa Omorowa Prije dan
Army in the house
Bella UwU
Bella UwU Prije dan
Gloom go on amazon and get different colored masks $20 at most they come in one pack with different colors
BlueandTrue Prije dan
pls masks are 10 times worse with glasses 😭
Ecca Roze
Ecca Roze Prije dan
I like the ideas but I do not like masks
Bethany Parry-Starkey
Bethany Parry-Starkey Prije dan
Roslyn Parris
Roslyn Parris Prije dan
If I did that “do you want to kiss me right now?” Prank on my boyfriend he would be like “YEA” 😆😆😆
Olivia Halliday
Olivia Halliday Prije dan
btw, Kassie. You have to play this game called Undertale, if you want to
Olivia Halliday
Olivia Halliday Prije dan
Kassie, awesome vid
donut lia
donut lia Prije dan
Marcher kelly
Marcher kelly Prije dan
I was eating when they did the mask prank and ummm I lost my appetite
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Prije dan
What kind of Earbuds are those Cassie?
Carroll Bell
Carroll Bell Prije dan
Love it 👁👄👁
Sukanya Som
Sukanya Som Prije dan
Why is no one talking bout the fact that she talked bout BTS Only army's understand how much it means to me!!!!
saisha's club
saisha's club Prije 15 sati
Me me me I was finding this comment
Kolton Ruyter
Kolton Ruyter Prije dan
ya my brother has a very bad respiratory system so we are carful
Stranger Prije dan
I click faster than sonic
Crazy Animal Lady
Crazy Animal Lady Prije dan
I love your mask Kassie
KU - 04CS 837209 Sir Isaac Brock PS
KU - 04CS 837209 Sir Isaac Brock PS Prije dan
hey gloom my b-day is on may 23
4 mins let's go
oddly satisfying but you can touch it
Please don’t put your finger in that
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