the most popular foods on the internet kinda suck

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I went to and typed in Food and sorted by Most Popular and am now stuffing what I found into my face. Besides McDonald's McNuggets the rest make me nervous.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

yara gamez
yara gamez Prije 2 sati
A kitten eating another animal is messed up or am I the only one the realised it?
Ompfuna Nthambeleni
Ompfuna Nthambeleni Prije 5 sati
Gloom:eating the nugget Me:can I take that trough the screen🥺 👉👈
Pretty butterfly playz
Pretty butterfly playz Prije 5 sati
Why am I awake it's 5:00
Himaya Prije 5 sati
Oh no Kassie. Try putting chopped onions and diced tomatoes on your Sea grapes.
lily Prije 7 sati
i burnt my thumbs too and i have blisters now
Paiges Gaming World
Paiges Gaming World Prije 8 sati
I love josh he is so cute I just want to cuddle him
Sanvi Devanshi
Sanvi Devanshi Prije 10 sati
Kassie like as soon as you put that chicken nuggets in your mouth I was like nooooo I want them
• qlover •
• qlover • Prije 12 sati
I’d reccomend soaking the allow in sugar water over night so its not so bitter. im surrised it didn’t seem bitter for you 😳 also what dog breed is *josh* ? he reminds me of a black german shephard. he’s adorable
llena Prije 13 sati
Fun fact when your Mouth waters too much it means your gonna puke
Chaii Atashi
Chaii Atashi Prije 15 sati
why do want to eat the chicken nuggies? anyone else though? and the honey-
Chaii Atashi
Chaii Atashi Prije 15 sati
I’m so depressing I will reply to my own comment.
JJamesgames Prije 16 sati
Kittens aren’t supposed to have pig.. they can’t digest it..
Angela Katerina Fechete
Angela Katerina Fechete Prije 16 sati
I love the honey cone
LillaLovis Soot
LillaLovis Soot Prije 16 sati
I started crying when I saw the chicken nuggets
•ʙᴏʙᴀ ᴄᴀᴛ•
•ʙᴏʙᴀ ᴄᴀᴛ• Prije 17 sati
Fun Fact-Sea Grapes taste better with a sauce :)
Nightshade_The _Dragon
Nightshade_The _Dragon Prije 17 sati
I’m eating really golden honey come and it’s delicious
Ella Mills
Ella Mills Prije 18 sati
i love whenever youtubers or really anyone is so clueless about anything to do with bees 😂😂 my dad is a beekeeper and so i know so many things about bees that it feels like i actually know something 😂
O n y x
O n y x Prije dan
“Josh” is so big now jeez
Elena Bowe
Elena Bowe Prije dan
Vani Menon
Vani Menon Prije dan
yummm I love nuggets
Vani Menon
Vani Menon Prije dan
awww I love how you made your name from Kassie and gloom to kartha gweret sry for wrong sppeling I am only 11 sry but I also love how you made his name into josh
Eric Oliver
Eric Oliver Prije dan
Who else thought when she said "Now while I eat this disgusting garbage." You're thought she mentioned the chicken nuggets 😂
jduker3869 Prije dan
What happened to you and Azzyland? 🥺
Nora Lysaught
Nora Lysaught Prije dan
1:45 kassie:some of these muckbOng- I- DID YOU JUST SAY MUCKBONG
Gracie Wade
Gracie Wade Prije dan
*my grandma uses aloe as medicine…not food…*
Anonymous Idiot
Anonymous Idiot Prije dan
I just cry every time i see a Kartha Gewart video… I am literally sobbing into my pillow, and only ogs know why
Tammy Westfall
Tammy Westfall Prije dan
Josh is my dad’s name
Lotti Carr
Lotti Carr Prije dan
My mouth is watering I WANT THAT SPICE
Shake ur beauty With Janine Amato
Shake ur beauty With Janine Amato Prije dan
I miss the lil one😭
Kaitlin Kavanagh
Kaitlin Kavanagh Prije dan
i went on vacation a couple years ago and we did this bee hive thing and got to eat the honey. it was delicious at first but then the wax just tasted sooooo bad
Dark Slayer X2
Dark Slayer X2 Prije 2 dana
Merlin Aldan
Merlin Aldan Prije 2 dana
[USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620089387Tuesday
Acacia Plays
Acacia Plays Prije 2 dana
I have aloe Vera I ate it before it tastes like grass and hand sanitizer mixed👽🤮
Story Animation Girl
Story Animation Girl Prije 2 dana
Kartha: Eating sea grapes. Me: Eating ramen noddles
Měiwèi húntún
Měiwèi húntún Prije 2 dana
CookieDxstiny :D
CookieDxstiny :D Prije 2 dana
You could put the sea grapes in cold water before serving and put it for longer, so the inside will be like a pop of saltiness, the outside would have no flavour and it would be delishous :sparkles:
Julija Varkulevičiūtė
Julija Varkulevičiūtė Prije 2 dana
It's so painful tu watch Kartha eat chicken nuggets while I'm in bed sick and too lazy to get out
꧁Clouded Freedom꧂
꧁Clouded Freedom꧂ Prije 2 dana
Every time I see her new dog I almost cry. I haven’t watched her in awhile (like since the death) so it’s still fresh..
Unicorn lord Plorigane
Unicorn lord Plorigane Prije 2 dana
@꧁Clouded Freedom꧂ yah. I don't watch her much anymore. It's just different.
꧁Clouded Freedom꧂
꧁Clouded Freedom꧂ Prije 2 dana
Unicorn lord Plorigane I miss him a lot. He’s always been there. She was my entire childhood and having him gone just.. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, it just feels so wrong
Unicorn lord Plorigane
Unicorn lord Plorigane Prije 2 dana
Same 🥺
Croissant Prije 2 dana
Apparently aloe tastes like how it looks
Anime Girl
Anime Girl Prije 3 dana
Nobody :.... Me: making josh with my foot
Bella Minor
Bella Minor Prije 3 dana
How dare you still love that dog and not love the cheese dog I forgot his name but how dare you love that dog and not love the cheese dog when he's dead you should put a picture up on your frame in a pretend that your dog if you don't I will be mad if you don't I will come to your house put 10,000 pictures of your doll on the walls anyway if you don't I will do that forgive you mmmmmmmm 5 days for you to put a picture up on that wall if you don't I will be mad and I will come to your house but 10,000 pictures on your walls so you better do it uwu
Nina Willcox
Nina Willcox Prije 3 dana
LOL at 10:58 when she gagged my stomach rumbled at the same time and it scared me so bad. XD
Izod Freeman
Izod Freeman Prije 3 dana
Gloom os the only chanell i watch
•Boba Friends•
•Boba Friends• Prije 3 dana
eats maahmellow so will not e sad about not haveing that food(
C Cappa
C Cappa Prije 3 dana
Me after watching: MOM CAN U BUY ME A HONEYCOMB
Jo Animations
Jo Animations Prije 3 dana
i saw a honeycomb video and the person was gonna take a bite BUT DIDN'T NOTICE THE BEE O IT AND THEY ATE THE BEE
Potato Prije 3 dana
If you eat aloe for fun you spit in ppl mouths when you kiss
ツ ŁEM0NADE_Ł0VER ツ Prije 3 dana
What happened to your other dog :(
Prasanna D
Prasanna D Prije 3 dana
I wish I didnt see this because I am starting to get hungry
Ethan Mackey
Ethan Mackey Prije 3 dana
FNAF. Fan Prije 3 dana
I love how kassie is eating Spicy noodles when I’m sitting here eating spicy chips
Kee Hebe
Kee Hebe Prije 3 dana
Me too 😄😄😄
Zofia Wojciechowska
Zofia Wojciechowska Prije 3 dana
Chenji Oppa
Chenji Oppa Prije 3 dana
9:29 I once had a strawberry aloe drink lol
Lyra Samantha Lupas
Lyra Samantha Lupas Prije 3 dana
I like eating the sea grapes, but we have them fresh from the market/sea. They are really crunchy, and they are salty like the sea, but not too salty.
Alisa Aksakal
Alisa Aksakal Prije 3 dana
I’m eating noodles rn and I’m imagining that green thing in my mouth😭
Hxttibunny Gaming
Hxttibunny Gaming Prije 3 dana
Kassie: “should I eat the nuggets to put out the fire?”
Rainbow Rome TV
Rainbow Rome TV Prije 4 dana
ive always wanted to tast a honey com
Evelyn Kennedy
Evelyn Kennedy Prije 4 dana
UMMMM she ate the wax
christina law
christina law Prije 4 dana
honeycomb is soooo sweet
Jadess Alberto
Jadess Alberto Prije 4 dana
Does anybody remember when it was her and Ziggy pumpernickel or Prince a boo-boo
Shannon Piasente
Shannon Piasente Prije 4 dana
I hate spicy
katelyn beaver
katelyn beaver Prije 4 dana
Is josh your new dog?
pink_ graves
pink_ graves Prije 4 dana
with the Aloe Vera thing, my mom used to rub Aloe Vera juice on my sunburns... which were usually on my face TvT
Rainbow Ryde
Rainbow Ryde Prije 4 dana
I love honey comb
Claire Nugget
Claire Nugget Prije 4 dana
I approve U-U
Claire Nugget
Claire Nugget Prije 4 dana
Claire Nugget
Claire Nugget Prije 4 dana
Samuel Mills
Samuel Mills Prije 4 dana
The honey comb tho 🤤 very satisfying
Callie Star Nova
Callie Star Nova Prije 4 dana
was she drinking iced tea
moon gacha with anime
moon gacha with anime Prije 4 dana
It's kinda sad that i have to watch food video so i can eat
GalaxyGirl Games
GalaxyGirl Games Prije 4 dana
0:08 listen to her voice and then listen to this 0:52
Dakota Paisley
Dakota Paisley Prije 4 dana
hey Gloom! I just want you to try this out so if you put chapstick on the bottom of your chin then eat spicey food it helps you handle it a lot more like I've seen a different youtuber do this and she said its helped her handle it a lot more so if you wanna try that out next time you eat spicey food please do!
Amanda Mooney
Amanda Mooney Prije 4 dana
I love how she’s exited to eat something and than she hates it🤗
Danna Playz
Danna Playz Prije 4 dana
Why do people think her name is Kartha did you guys just started watching her- cuz her name is Kassie 😂
Gjorgi Gjorgievski
Gjorgi Gjorgievski Prije 4 dana
When you use shopstick like me and gloom:👁👄👁👌
Gjorgi Gjorgievski
Gjorgi Gjorgievski Prije 4 dana
Its acult see grass ;w;
Veda's fun time
Veda's fun time Prije 4 dana
I love hot food
Itz_lolipop Prije 4 dana
Where is..TERRY 🧐☹
Adriana Tamayo
Adriana Tamayo Prije 5 dana
That’s because their Russian that’s how they eat the sea grapes
SylvanosFan11 Prije 5 dana
Al-jay 😂
Pig Kamado
Pig Kamado Prije 5 dana
you are my queen
I_like_mangos :P
I_like_mangos :P Prije 5 dana
I ran face first into a wall UwU
fgtvee girl and spynigas
fgtvee girl and spynigas Prije 5 dana
My cosen named josh to
Amelia Sweebe
Amelia Sweebe Prije 5 dana
how come josh didnt go to the josh fights????
Emerald Rain
Emerald Rain Prije 5 dana
the real question is: Did Josh attend the Josh fight?
Emma Shea
Emma Shea Prije 5 dana
When she shows the aloe vera “oh no oh no oh no no no no no”
Mxddison Dxmon
Mxddison Dxmon Prije 5 dana
0:46: *mUkBoNg*
MHA SUPER HEROS Prije 5 dana
I like the Sally’s face videos and I think this is my new favorite 😂
Lucy Bromilow
Lucy Bromilow Prije 5 dana
The green plant thing just tastes like warm cucumber!
Willow Kelly
Willow Kelly Prije 5 dana
You’re hilarious I wish I was you
•Røsy-Chān• Prije 5 dana
Anjing - sorry Josh is really adorable
Drina Mcfarlane
Drina Mcfarlane Prije 5 dana
Kassie: *wiggles* Sorry.. the sea caviar. *dies*
Drina Mcfarlane
Drina Mcfarlane Prije 5 dana
Kassie: 'Sorry that's gross you can cut that' *chuckles* Editor: nope.
Drina Mcfarlane
Drina Mcfarlane Prije 5 dana
MukbUng ~ Kassie 2021
MaddyBeth 11
MaddyBeth 11 Prije 5 dana
Milk takes away the fire hot taste cassie!!!!!
Nero Prije 5 dana
0:23 I'm traumatised 😅
K1TT3N Prije 5 dana
What kind of dog do u have?
Indie and Rhian
Indie and Rhian Prije 6 dana
I’m watching this vid at 6am and I’m starving lol 😂
Icecreamtoys Prije 6 dana
It’s still 2:25 am not 3:00 am
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