I tried hitting Max Level THICC in Bounce Big

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Mobile app games have evolved to hit a pinnacle in high octane gameplay, they crawled so Bounce Big could run. Watch the next one where I get it right: hrpost.info/history/X92Bh8jMjKaPZYo/video
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Gloom Prije 29 dana
Ty for the Bounce Big tips, I’m concerned you guys are seasoned veterans at this game but grateful. Imma try it again 🥸❤️
Emily Demalia
Emily Demalia Prije 5 sati
At the end you’re supposed to push the people of the Edge
Aesthetic Chick
Aesthetic Chick Prije dan
Gabriella Chidiak
Gabriella Chidiak Prije dan
love u 🤣
charlie rodriguez
charlie rodriguez Prije 3 dana
You need xxxxxxxxxxxl
Hellen Gabs
Hellen Gabs Prije 3 dana
Gloom i love your vids i did sub
Dabootygamer Savage life
Dabootygamer Savage life Prije 4 sati
But like her Instagram shows that she thicc
Janice Blake
Janice Blake Prije 4 sati
5:24 "Large and in charge" 😂
Terrian Alexander
Terrian Alexander Prije 5 sati
Did you not know you need to push the girls!??!
Ari Andrews
Ari Andrews Prije 5 sati
I have this game 😂
Teagan McKenzie
Teagan McKenzie Prije 6 sati
You were supposed to run into the people at the end
Banana Cat
Banana Cat Prije 7 sati
Mridula Singh
Mridula Singh Prije 16 sati
You have to push the girls off of the bridge
_Dreamy_Sloth_ Prije 16 sati
to help you get to the end at the platform you have to push the other people to get more thicc
Okkiqwq Prije 19 sati
Gloom, you know jojos bizarre adventure? Didnt expect that jojo reference there
Jeriel Villaraza
Jeriel Villaraza Prije 19 sati
I love this searies
Laila Mclean
Laila Mclean Prije 20 sati
I’m playing it I
bb-.kaixx. Prije 23 sati
If you bump in to the models at the end where u try to get to the stage, you get the models thickness Edit: correcting spelling errors-
John Vincent Luna
John Vincent Luna Prije dan
Gloom dosent even raelize that at the end with the arrrows and thers girls ang guys she need to bump them in the end she dosent even know
WorldTalk Ty
WorldTalk Ty Prije dan
Your thick
Princess Aree lala
Princess Aree lala Prije dan
here a tip you got to push the girl off
McKinley Ashley
McKinley Ashley Prije dan
I love💙 this video
Mart Allen De Castro
Mart Allen De Castro Prije dan
Jayden Cavenaugh
Jayden Cavenaugh Prije dan
I got ya girl to the stage WITH THICKNESS
Kira Kim
Kira Kim Prije dan
She triggerd me when she didn't push the people off
Christian Costa
Christian Costa Prije dan
Why did you not push the people at the end that makes you THICC BOYYYYYYYYY
JessicaTheKlutzバラ Prije dan
So triggered that she didn’t knock the peeps overrrr
Just a weird Girl filming
Just a weird Girl filming Prije 2 dana
bruh ur doing it all wrong u just have to push the girls on this part 9:41
why do you look like carly from i carly / maranda crosgrove i rely mis i carly like if you do to i mis carly , sam,freddy and spencer.
hao kun Chow
hao kun Chow Prije 2 dana
Happy DG I'm GlOoM :D me being like girl wheres AZZY
Cynthia Saenz
Cynthia Saenz Prije 2 dana
Too make it you have to puch the people at the end
Dragon- Gurl
Dragon- Gurl Prije 2 dana
What if you go PAST thicc?
Tia Havard
Tia Havard Prije 2 dana
At the end you push the people
Janice Reynolds
Janice Reynolds Prije 2 dana
Kessie:I need to get more thick Me:yeah me to girlo 😂😂😂😂
Dalia Anih
Dalia Anih Prije 2 dana
U can't get up there cuz at the end ur supposed to hit the ppl at the endddd
lonely heart club louise
lonely heart club louise Prije 2 dana
Have to g Ehsan
Grayson Bully
Grayson Bully Prije 3 dana
It ain’t nub struggle it’s scrub struggle
blue xberry
blue xberry Prije 3 dana
Gloom your suppose to hit the person at the end to get they bounty to make if to the end
Ayane Prije 3 dana
Aria Jade
Aria Jade Prije 3 dana
I love that game
Jean Bozeman
Jean Bozeman Prije 3 dana
You are playing the game wrong the whole entire time knock off the people
Queen Gacha
Queen Gacha Prije 3 dana
Was anyone else triggered when she didn't push people off the edge at the end?
Amelia S
Amelia S Prije 3 dana
i love that game i play it and i got passed the bit you cant get passed but your still great
Netsanet Heto
Netsanet Heto Prije 3 dana
Is not that hard is easy
The Dutch Girl
The Dutch Girl Prije 3 dana
Tip: if you’re at the end the you can push the people on the side so you can make it
Felicia Washington
Felicia Washington Prije 3 dana
What is the game name
Madeline Leon
Madeline Leon Prije 3 dana
You need to push the people off of the you know the thing in so you can get more ball so you can make it up to the codium
Emee Navarro
Emee Navarro Prije 3 dana
Freddie like from I Carly
•Zommer •
•Zommer • Prije 3 dana
aem quisto
aem quisto Prije 3 dana
Fun fact: you cant go there unless you push does peeps dancing
Caitlin Henry
Caitlin Henry Prije 3 dana
Push them
•Jha_ Adrhianna•
•Jha_ Adrhianna• Prije 3 dana
u have to push all de ppl so you can go up:3
Shota Aziwa
Shota Aziwa Prije 3 dana
If only my students showed off their talent like this.smh.
katarina mega
katarina mega Prije 3 dana
I have donelode this app and i have ever gone up there but it is sooooo hard
SillyBunny Prije 4 dana
Can you please please please stop doing more of these and do more lives pls are cartha qurart tries things no effence just not in to these types of videos also if the mujurity of your viewers like these than just so these I don’t want to base my opinion on what you do because than other people might not like it
Oliver Graham
Oliver Graham Prije 4 dana
Um you knock them of to live
Tamantha Simon
Tamantha Simon Prije 4 dana
Gloom she knows that the ceiling is up
Beanie as a Willow Tree
Beanie as a Willow Tree Prije 4 dana
You have to hit the people
Zou Chuangyong
Zou Chuangyong Prije 4 dana
You could you just need to slap the people
Colton Teddy
Colton Teddy Prije 4 dana
Hey at the end push the girls with a number of stars above their head you will get more stuff for but
Ipad Man
Ipad Man Prije 4 dana
You need to push the people off.
Princess Cute
Princess Cute Prije 4 dana
Kas you need to push the peeps
Alexander Zack
Alexander Zack Prije 4 dana
To get thicc like I did when u see the ppl u make jel u run them over and then u get to the dj thing
I'm_just_ dumb
I'm_just_ dumb Prije 4 dana
*she's ready* *she's steady* *they call her freddy* in the next vid: *she's ready* *she's steady* *her favorite food spaghetti* *her boyfriend's name **-freddy-* 👀 I ship it
Earon McCurdy
Earon McCurdy Prije 4 dana
Do you watch ICarly
Crisbella Bazar
Crisbella Bazar Prije 4 dana
Rebecca&rabiaxox Daglar
Rebecca&rabiaxox Daglar Prije 4 dana
Because you meet push denn!! So thats how you win!
Kenneth manuel Florendo
Kenneth manuel Florendo Prije 4 dana
Im screaming bc u were supposed to hurt those thicc ness flexers
Isa Amin
Isa Amin Prije 4 dana
Did you watch icarly?
Claudia Luna
Claudia Luna Prije 5 dana
You need to push the other people at the end.
Tammy Zhong
Tammy Zhong Prije 5 dana
9:11 kassie wanting to die so bad then she survives I guess she does not like being thicc lol jk
Benj superguywolf
Benj superguywolf Prije 5 dana
Kassie push the random people so you can go to the dance
Joseph Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson Prije 5 dana
8:25 How to be a baddie🖤⛓️
Tony Deonarain
Tony Deonarain Prije 5 dana
ashley soph
ashley soph Prije 5 dana
You have to bump people with your uh bottom to survive longer
Random me Random me
Random me Random me Prije 5 dana
You need to push the people off the platform to get to the end... :)
Bun bun studios c:
Bun bun studios c: Prije 5 dana
her shirt is so cute-
Zenia Bautista
Zenia Bautista Prije 5 dana
I feel bad for gloom because she didn’t make it to the high score level
Sana Ahsan
Sana Ahsan Prije 5 dana
8:39 Me:triggered does Kassie know your supposed to push the people off!?Like I've been screaming the whole video about it!oh and please like it because if it gets a lot of likes this comment Kassie will see it ty
anita garcia
anita garcia Prije 5 dana
but you need to be in country:united kindom.place:london
anita garcia
anita garcia Prije 5 dana
gloom the bitlife you can be a queen and everthing new
Chloe Yoder
Chloe Yoder Prije 5 dana
Yeah I love your vids and you need to push the people off at the end
SIA XI EN Moe Prije 5 dana
kassie you need to push ppl at the last
Пламен Ковашки
Пламен Ковашки Prije 5 dana
gurl you had to push the people of the cliff XD
Alice Sweeney
Alice Sweeney Prije 5 dana
When you try and beat the boss level but you die in the first 0.0000000001 seconds be like:
Bunny Prije 6 dana
Puch de poeple
LittleManEli44 Prije 6 dana
Boy you need to push the other booties
- N O E L -
- N O E L - Prije 6 dana
You where supposed to knock the people off at the end-
Kim Melvin
Kim Melvin Prije 6 dana
I love your videos can you make a i’ve nights at Freddy‘s video or sister Location
Lauren Bundrick
Lauren Bundrick Prije 6 dana
I downloaded it and I'm not kidding I got to the top and I still had large
Evelyn Campos
Evelyn Campos Prije 6 dana
Glooooooom you need to push the people at the end
Mia Bailey
Mia Bailey Prije 6 dana
Your surrpost to push people off at the end! Sorry about my spelling I can't write well
Ketly Projodikromo
Ketly Projodikromo Prije 6 dana
You hafe to hit The girls of wen you are at the end to get a bigger hoodie of but 🤣😂
Tapioca Guy
Tapioca Guy Prije 6 dana
You have to push the people at the end!
Daniella Madeline Windfield
Daniella Madeline Windfield Prije 6 dana
patel family
patel family Prije 6 dana
Daniella Madeline Windfield
Daniella Madeline Windfield Prije 6 dana
When When she started playing and the girl in the game I laughed so hard
jasmine aguilar
jasmine aguilar Prije 7 dana
ツ J Å X Ÿ ツ
ツ J Å X Ÿ ツ Prije 7 dana
* me When I see horse droppings * 7:20
J H Prije 7 dana
You have to bounce the others off the thing to win
Jordyn Ashton
Jordyn Ashton Prije 7 dana
She's a runner she's a flat star!!
Nicole Pride
Nicole Pride Prije 7 dana
Gloom You have to m hit the Girls At the end
Grace B
Grace B Prije 7 dana
What is the game called ?
lexa ulubiyo
lexa ulubiyo Prije 7 dana
plz reply if anyone else did! :D thanks
lexa ulubiyo
lexa ulubiyo Prije 7 dana
hey this is random tell me if you watched this in one of you video but you need to watch seasparisy it a movie and on netflix i thinkn i spelt it right but YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS and make sure to share it with you friends k ok! :D Thank you!
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