there is a thin line between cute and dumb

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Why do we go through such lengths so the hardened keratin on our fingers looks cute? The answer is cuz it looks cute. This is oddly satisfying nail art I found on the internet! Sometimes it's more dumb than satisfying but still interesting nonetheless!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Izumi tori
Izumi tori Prije sat
The girl who had yellow nails has yellow nails bc she uses so much nail polish with much pigment so nothing harmful
Nareisha Alleyne
Nareisha Alleyne Prije 5 sati
what happen to brinky
Kuroo Simp
Kuroo Simp Prije 6 sati
Those lines are like way straighter then me
Yadier Marte
Yadier Marte Prije 7 sati
That jaw breaker one would've been pretty in like rainbow colors
Jade Prije 10 sati
At least you have nail polish... My mom won't even buy me white nail polish (Yes, I am a biological girl she is just crazy)
Pahal Rohra
Pahal Rohra Prije 11 sati
I get my toe nails very short
Dārta Anna Kārkliņa
Dārta Anna Kārkliņa Prije 11 sati
you neld did you get it
Ruby Honeyball
Ruby Honeyball Prije 12 sati
7:46 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ruby Honeyball
Ruby Honeyball Prije 12 sati
2:17 you meant: nailed it!😂😂😂 know cuz it is a nail and its perfect like "nailed it"........anybody? nobody? Okay ill leave....
Sxmply_Amxlia Prije 13 sati
Thingsville Fun land with the sisters
Thingsville Fun land with the sisters Prije 14 sati
Gosh she knows very little of nails
XxSugarpigxX Prije 15 sati
The nails were yellow bc of the nail polish it stained it but it's completely healthy
Alivia Great
Alivia Great Prije 15 sati
1:27 sorry but they look like pills
HerRoyalHighness Prije dan
Nails just stain from nail polish it’s not unhealthy 😂
Caity Williams
Caity Williams Prije dan
Fun fact by tapping the key board or sumthing hard like a table it shoves the nail back into the cuticle and then the nail starts to come back stronger
unicornpuppygirl Prije dan
Gloom: says something about heavy ear rings Me: rememberes the time ear rings almost fell through the bottom of my ear :>
Giada Sorrentino
Giada Sorrentino Prije dan
no one: literally no one: not even a tumbleweed across the desert: kassie: 𝗯𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗷𝗔𝗺
Lily Ahlswede
Lily Ahlswede Prije dan
J Rocks
J Rocks Prije dan
They use clear acrylic powder
Eat PoTaTo
Eat PoTaTo Prije dan
In the ones where they were pulling the nails out is a fake hand
Aruksha Bagabathesewaran
Aruksha Bagabathesewaran Prije dan
Can someone pls tell me what happened between kassie and azzy are they still friends because they never film together anymore did something happen?
Bianna Jarvi
Bianna Jarvi Prije dan
my mom had a long tonail not that long but she hit it and her whole toenail came off
KU - 04CS 837209 Sir Isaac Brock PS
KU - 04CS 837209 Sir Isaac Brock PS Prije dan
one of the nail use jeliton
Maddie_ Mochie
Maddie_ Mochie Prije dan
When they take the nail off the hand it means its a fake hand because your nail can open up that big
Toru Prije dan
1:29 Yellow nails don't matter its most of the time because of dark nail polish
Elli Liz
Elli Liz Prije 2 dana
for some reason, whenever I get my nails done, I feel more confident LOL
ximikyu Prije 2 dana
the more you paint your nails the more yellow they are kdfjsl it's not a bad thing at all, taken from simply nailogical herself :)
John Denver Benito
John Denver Benito Prije 2 dana
Mollie Gray
Mollie Gray Prije 2 dana
Ask simply nail logical why there yellow she knows
Sparkle Paradise
Sparkle Paradise Prije 2 dana
I wish my nails were like these but not the bug ones The bugs just AHH ....Read More
Craig Palmer
Craig Palmer Prije 2 dana
I love your you tube
Catherine Kakumba
Catherine Kakumba Prije 2 dana
Jessica Sharpe
Jessica Sharpe Prije 2 dana
Gloom : Yummy Me: um I'm scared
Jessica Sharpe
Jessica Sharpe Prije 2 dana
oh sorry auto correct sorry
Jessica Sharpe
Jessica Sharpe Prije 2 dana
though sassy
Jessica Sharpe
Jessica Sharpe Prije 2 dana
It's true doo
Jess Walsh
Jess Walsh Prije 2 dana
Ha I’m nine and great at doing my nails
Zoe Climo
Zoe Climo Prije 2 dana
I cut my nails once every 3 months my nails don't grow who else has the same thing😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀
Nina Trajkovska
Nina Trajkovska Prije 2 dana
Gloom i love 60 secondes can you play it like the old days
cloudyboo uwu
cloudyboo uwu Prije 2 dana
Kassie: *literally watches the person put gold nail polish on* Also Kassie: *wHy aRe YoU uSiNg GoLD fOiL* Me: girl, you really gonna ask that question after you them use nail polish?
Kendal R.
Kendal R. Prije 2 dana
Is nobody going to point out the fact that Kassie had marks on her left hand from a pencil, marker, or pen? As someone that’s left-handed and had to deal with that, I hate it.
Ala_Hooman Prije 3 dana
I have no cuticles
tia_ ;{
tia_ ;{ Prije 3 dana
Idk if its like this for everyone but usually nails are yellow cause of nail polish directly on the nail
Anime Moon
Anime Moon Prije 3 dana
some people nails will be yellow if they wear nail polish constantly (especially dark colours) in case you were wondering. Love your vids 💞
Amy Hwang
Amy Hwang Prije 3 dana
I. Love. Goom♥ video. It's. So. Funny. 😻 😽😽 😃😃 😅😑😱😂😂😂 😉😁 😅😅😅 ♥♥♥ 💞💞 💕💕
auguste A
auguste A Prije 3 dana
the green and blue colors only mcyts fans gana understand P.S love ur videos kassie
u ok
u ok Prije 3 dana
the reason why yellow nails are normal to me because of nailogical
Dess Addis
Dess Addis Prije 3 dana
🤣not kassie out here roasting my hands calling em evil
Srikonda Sharanya
Srikonda Sharanya Prije 3 dana
4:28 why is her hand black?
Your fellow MHA weeb
Your fellow MHA weeb Prije 3 dana
Me just chilling in my bed with my terrible nails that don’t even go anywhere near the top of my finger because I have ADHD and OCD and anxiety 🥲
Itz Lunacha•_ LOLI
Itz Lunacha•_ LOLI Prije 10 sati
Same but I don’t have OCD ADHDor anxiety
Annalyse Miranda Ramos
Annalyse Miranda Ramos Prije 2 dana
Me too
Jessica Sharpe
Jessica Sharpe Prije 2 dana
Owww sad sad
Lil Muffin
Lil Muffin Prije 3 dana
And 10:17
Tan fgfg
Tan fgfg Prije 4 dana
anyone reconnize these colors 7:51 ?[sorry for bad spelling]
InstrumentalAva Prije 4 dana
I could never have acrylics nails because I HATE WHEN MY NAILS ARE SO LONG
isabella Franks
isabella Franks Prije 4 dana
I was eating a doughnut while watching this and I actually THREW UP when I saw that terrifying yellow nail. (And I kept watching anyways and say those BUGS 🕷 😭)
Lucy Pearson
Lucy Pearson Prije 4 dana
Congrats on getting Engaged!
Chloe the Corgi Queen
Chloe the Corgi Queen Prije 4 dana
Kassie: I'd love to dip a little pixie stick in there! Me: A pixie stick is a straw with closed ends that is filled with flavored sugar...?
Joslynn Espinoza
Joslynn Espinoza Prije 4 dana
I was eat a lollipop when she was talking about the yellow nail
Dahlia Flower
Dahlia Flower Prije 4 dana
I want that machine for my nails
Dahlia Flower
Dahlia Flower Prije 4 dana
It would be so cool to just get a picture and have it on your nails
Amy Meyer
Amy Meyer Prije 4 dana
Since when are we going into a third lockdown honey I think that’s your choice or your cities just gone bazaar ✌🏾✌🏾👩🏾
Thė_pûrpłê_ Gîrł_ŶT
Thė_pûrpłê_ Gîrł_ŶT Prije 4 dana
Can u react to Dhar Mann again?
Proski Broski
Proski Broski Prije 4 dana
1:29 my nails are longer than that I thought it was normal (btw my nails are healthy and strong)
CathRoss75 Prije 4 dana
7:39 -_- what?
CathRoss75 Prije 4 dana
ll liane
ll liane Prije 4 dana
How much times has she said nails
Tatum Ortiz
Tatum Ortiz Prije 4 dana
Im the one that got that unicorn on my nail
kayla wright
kayla wright Prije 4 dana
Gloom her nails are yellow because she wears alot of dark nail polish colors it is 100% normal unless you have actual health issues
Mei's Stuff
Mei's Stuff Prije 4 dana
1:37 I live how she watches simply nail logical (or aleast watched a couple vids from her enough to get the collection) Who's I side joke is having yellow nails, not because of anything bad, just cuz she paints her nails alot, feels like this gurl could be doing the same to reinforce her nailss
AwesomeWolf Prije 4 dana
My nails dry in like 15 mins😂
a normal kid but make them just hit different
a normal kid but make them just hit different Prije 4 dana
‘would love to put a pixie stick in there’ flashbacks to.. *HEY BEUCHTHCH YOU WANNA PIXIE STICK* *MY MOM SAYS THOSE TURN U INTO A WHUROESCHSIS* *PROBABLY*
Armin Arlert
Armin Arlert Prije 4 dana
Who tf is Simply Nailogical
haikyuu bunny
haikyuu bunny Prije 4 dana
Wow they nailed it
Roblox.minecraft! Prije 4 dana
Is it just me or green+blue summoned😂
Kayla Watts
Kayla Watts Prije 5 dana
OK OK I was curious when she kept saying taco and I was like OK did she watch something in logical but then when she measured I was like yes yes we watch the same people because we are both crazy yes
Kayla Watts
Kayla Watts Prije 5 dana
From a lot of nail polish you will get yellow nails but there is nothing wrong with that it does not hurt your nails at all as for the nail breaking just try to avoid opening things with your nails getting them to wear it maybe wear gloves when you’re handling stuff like that wet stuff
Reina the unicorn plays
Reina the unicorn plays Prije 5 dana
SomeRandomPerson Prije 5 dana
I’m a random person
Autumn Price
Autumn Price Prije 5 dana
CuttyKitty37 Prije 5 dana
There's a thin line between cute and dumb and their name is my little sister 😔✋
SIDRA BATUL Prije 5 dana
Nailed it
Nothing Fancy
Nothing Fancy Prije 5 dana
Brush Vaseline, or better yet coconut oil, around the border of your nails before you paint. The polish won't stick to your skin.
Hahhahha Hahhaahahha
Hahhahha Hahhaahahha Prije 5 dana
Apparently that's how you make nail polish green nail polish
• お兄ちゃん〜 •
• お兄ちゃん〜 • Prije 5 dana
Gloom, Do you Know Demon Slayer? Cause If You do, There's A Short Tiktok Where 2 Girls Have Nails Based Off 2 Characters From Demon Slayer, It Was Shinobu And Tanjiro Nails And They Were BEAUTIFUL
Taupeavai Ma'asi
Taupeavai Ma'asi Prije 5 dana
I bite my nails a lot so this is not for me but I love watching gloom so I’m watching it anyway
lilas gadah
lilas gadah Prije 5 dana
Gloom google longest nails in the world you’ll be shocked 😳
seema1885 Prije 5 dana
It sounds very funny 😆 when you say gloom but I like it and it funny
MARBLEMAN Prije 6 dana
the girls nails are yellow bc of the nail polish it stained her nails
Seggsy Shrek
Seggsy Shrek Prije 6 dana
I just realized that saying “happy day on gloom” don’t make since 😂
Ali Aziz
Ali Aziz Prije 6 dana
Fairy Penguin
Fairy Penguin Prije 6 dana
Birdy Rose66
Birdy Rose66 Prije 6 dana
Ngl I tried that makeup brush thing and it failed
sassandsarcasam Prije 6 dana
did-did she j-just say "holo taco"? GLOOM MIGHT BE A HOLOSEXUAL YEAHHHHH
KyraM721 Prije 6 dana
The thumb nail tho that pain brush nail
Deepsana karki
Deepsana karki Prije 6 dana
nailed it!
Lauryn Lola Rhodes Taylor
Lauryn Lola Rhodes Taylor Prije 6 dana
Somehow this is very amusing and I don’t know why
Lorelai Jeanne
Lorelai Jeanne Prije 6 dana
12:17 Someone call the nail police
EmilyThePansexual Prije 6 dana
Kartha be hiding tho
Ayvah-Lee Manaena
Ayvah-Lee Manaena Prije 6 dana
do u know what i like about getting my nails done? well when im finished the nails are always so smooth like how do u do that?
Damily Squad
Damily Squad Prije 6 dana
Store house
Store house Prije 6 dana
Gwen Avetta
Gwen Avetta Prije 7 dana
Hi.I love your views
Shirley Mcdonald
Shirley Mcdonald Prije 7 dana
As a person who has the habit of nail biting. I can't relate :D
Jazmyn Swanson
Jazmyn Swanson Prije 7 dana
I love you so much you are so silly I just love you
Fish nippie
Fish nippie Prije 7 dana
When she called the acrylic beed sugar 🤣
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