Oddly Satisfying Water videos to relax your mind 💧

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I love oddly satisfying water videos because they're relaxing, they make me sleepy, they aren't wasteful, and they're easy to try and DIY! I tried a few of these but for the most part, we're just living our best lives and taking in the natural splendour!
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

kmc 468
kmc 468 Prije 5 sati
I have something you should react to fidget trading is what it is 😀 it's ok if I don't 😀
Cara_xxxsunflower O
Cara_xxxsunflower O Prije 6 sati
I miss here old intro TwT!!!
frogbes Prije 12 sati
Kassie:im only human Me:BuT iM oNlY huMaN aNd i BlEed whEN i faLl dOwn
Sienna Salinas
Sienna Salinas Prije dan
It’s also not going to work bc there is liquid in the bag
Mu Win
Mu Win Prije dan
Edward Kanabay
Edward Kanabay Prije dan
Can you do 4am snack part two they made one plzzzzzz😔
rida fa
rida fa Prije dan
Kassie makes me feel like I have friends 😭✊✨✨ The way she said “oh wait hold on lemme show you a Tik tok!” It made me feel like I had friends that were real 😀✌️🧸
ImRandom Prije 2 dana
Wocky slushhh
Lorelai Jeanne
Lorelai Jeanne Prije 2 dana
My phone lagged for like 5 minutes and I actually thought the video ended
Naya Ocampo
Naya Ocampo Prije 3 dana
Pop it
Naya Ocampo
Naya Ocampo Prije 3 dana
Lila Svagdys
Lila Svagdys Prije 3 dana
I love that thing that you just said it
Alejandro Eguizabal
Alejandro Eguizabal Prije 3 dana
Shut up😤
its ollie
its ollie Prije 3 dana
NL Prije 3 dana
Kassie you look so cute
Marisa Muna
Marisa Muna Prije 3 dana
Gurl why u gotta be so judgyyyyyy
Emma Do
Emma Do Prije 4 dana
2018 :gloom happy day I’m GlOoM 2021 :still gloom says happy day I’m GlOoM 2025 :might be still gloom 😏
Natalie Bring me a cheesy rollup MacDonald
Natalie Bring me a cheesy rollup MacDonald Prije 4 dana
It’s actually my favorite HRpostrs
Kiera Oliver
Kiera Oliver Prije 5 dana
I love how she acually tryst it on camera but other HRpostrs always say they are and they never do it
- Merlin ;
- Merlin ; Prije 5 dana
Hellooo Gloom 🐸 I'm Brazilian and i love your channel! 💕
Britt Lavallee
Britt Lavallee Prije 5 dana
i cant change my nme bc my school knows my youtub e
i cant change my nme bc my school knows my youtub e Prije 5 dana
kassie using holo taco is everything, the collab we didnt know we needed
mia garcia
mia garcia Prije 7 dana
this is how many people love slime and never wanna touch see thru slime because are afraid that are gonna mess it up 👇
رهف مزه
رهف مزه Prije 7 dana
Ma.Cristina Paguio
Ma.Cristina Paguio Prije 7 dana
Your my favorite youtuber and sniperwolf♡
xXShAdOw_WoLfIeXx Prije 8 dana
The water and the pan is me hiding behind the fridge😂
Bubble YT
Bubble YT Prije 8 dana
Can you bring back baby azzy and baby gloom :3
Tatiyana Olibrice
Tatiyana Olibrice Prije 8 dana
Can you please make more episode videos
EHD Fun Prije 8 dana
The way she says GlOom
Faina Fridman
Faina Fridman Prije 8 dana
I love you groom
Sarv :3
Sarv :3 Prije 9 dana
Like you
Layła Bûłłe
Layła Bûłłe Prije 9 dana
Can you please not say bad words my lilttle sister waches you and loves your vids but please dont say bad words
Stella Matsuzaki Waters
Stella Matsuzaki Waters Prije 9 dana
My last name is literally "Waters" -_-
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 10 dana
Do you mean her stuff 👇👇
Mizz_Kitten Prije 10 dana
Can you show us how you do your hair!? Pleeeeeaaaseee
Nothannahx Prije 10 dana
Sara Prije 10 dana
I have thalassophobia
Eggo Not the waffle
Eggo Not the waffle Prije 11 dana
Holo taco
AuBree D
AuBree D Prije 11 dana
China Town
China Town Prije 11 dana
What a lovely home made candle she created
Antony Andrews
Antony Andrews Prije 11 dana
Chinmayee Kumar
Chinmayee Kumar Prije 11 dana
KaSsiE aNd hOlo TacO jUSt mAdE My DAy!!!
Hailey Freeman
Hailey Freeman Prije 11 dana
The fear Aquphobia.
Nirdesh Chand
Nirdesh Chand Prije 11 dana
Love from fiji
Willow Pang
Willow Pang Prije 11 dana
Slush water... might be one of the Great Lakes 👁👄👁
Joanna Huang
Joanna Huang Prije 11 dana
Like Bnha
Joanna Huang
Joanna Huang Prije 11 dana
Can you react to anime
Claire's Blogs!
Claire's Blogs! Prije 12 dana
3:40 When your cat pees.
Lilly Bug
Lilly Bug Prije 12 dana
I did the sand thing at the beach house we go ever summer
Gamer girl
Gamer girl Prije 12 dana
Happy day I'm GL🐸🐸M
Mandy König
Mandy König Prije 12 dana
Kate_Chun 20291156
Kate_Chun 20291156 Prije 12 dana
4:42 is it just me or does the manicure kinda look like a mermaid!? 0-0
Rashmi Adiga
Rashmi Adiga Prije 12 dana
was anybody else watching the needle instead of the water on the last one?
jazz mine personal vlog
jazz mine personal vlog Prije 13 dana
Hilda Noemy Alfaro Reyes
Hilda Noemy Alfaro Reyes Prije 13 dana
Gloom can you react to Bruno Mars song pls
Hilda Noemy Alfaro Reyes
Hilda Noemy Alfaro Reyes Prije 13 dana
He my Favorite Singer I Want to now if you like the song he makes
DogsLauren 111
DogsLauren 111 Prije 13 dana
When you said donut my pug came because her name is donut
Shauna Skinner
Shauna Skinner Prije 14 dana
I love all of your videos
Shauna Skinner
Shauna Skinner Prije 14 dana
Me: why are you so obsessed with water Kasy: I don’t actually know
Mia Westman
Mia Westman Prije 14 dana
Me seeing them put oil in water: My brain:*gasp* OCEAN IN A BOTTLE (Me and my sibling use to make ocean in a bottle all the time it was really fun)
¡¡Itz_Cherry_Błøssøm¡¡ Prije 14 dana
Mary M.
Mary M. Prije 14 dana
Hi 🤤🤤
hunter crook
hunter crook Prije 14 dana
we are living in Idiocracy
Aware Liz
Aware Liz Prije 14 dana
U put a frozen cherry in the water
Layla D
Layla D Prije 15 dana
When you grinding the nail polish on fire you were wearing purple nail polish so you could do the purple one Mr.
The Weirdo
The Weirdo Prije 15 dana
my mom made a calming jar with me and my sister when we were little. we still have it actually! it was a jar of water, with little sparkles (any color, we did rainbow) and you can shake it, then watch the sparkles fall. it always calmed me down. too bad the colors faded away.
Cassie Liston
Cassie Liston Prije 15 dana
What happened to her other doggy? 🥺
teacups Prije 15 dana
Love it
Marta Szymanczyk
Marta Szymanczyk Prije 15 dana
Jennifer Mullins
Jennifer Mullins Prije 16 dana
Jesse I love you so much thank you for showing me that that was the best slash in the world
Jared Tidmore
Jared Tidmore Prije 16 dana
oooooooooooooo i love youuuuuu
remi da rat
remi da rat Prije 16 dana
The fact kassie makes me feel like I'm her bestie over for like a sleepover and makes me watch satisfying water compilations, so cute 😌😫😫😫💕💕💕
Janiyah Houser
Janiyah Houser Prije 16 dana
You should do bitlife again this is how many people want you to do it I v
Vera Burmeister
Vera Burmeister Prije 16 dana
Its actully f-U-gi not f-EEEE-gi
•Its-gacha-Leah• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
•Its-gacha-Leah• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 16 dana
•Team Savage Gamers•
•Team Savage Gamers• Prije 16 dana
So satisfying😀😀
Just monika ザウ代
Just monika ザウ代 Prije 17 dana
Guys! Try putting milk in water.
Arabella Magalei
Arabella Magalei Prije 17 dana
Yur in Ava’s wrld
Yur in Ava’s wrld Prije 17 dana
If you use clear polish it will look likewater
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson Prije 17 dana
Gloom she is not saving the turtles Me she is repurposing the bottles! !!!!!!!!!!!
kitkat !
kitkat ! Prije 17 dana
*tries only the fire ones* *lol* me: Pyromania is what you have my friendddd
Sherly Manoj
Sherly Manoj Prije 17 dana
Are you a simply nailogical fan
Heather Mckinney
Heather Mckinney Prije 18 dana
Gloom are you pan or not. Btw I am bi. Luv your vids
Minecraft Police
Minecraft Police Prije 18 dana
And then we have kassie take pictures please:
Zinhle Dube
Zinhle Dube Prije 18 dana
I love how none of the youtubers know what that “blue stuff” is to you guys who don’t know it’s heavy cream that’s how they make ice cream rolls
Monkey jrrr
Monkey jrrr Prije 18 dana
Is that actually ur background or just a green screen
Rosa Hettinga
Rosa Hettinga Prije 18 dana
"There dipping a peach in a glass" ✨Cassie 2021✨
SUSAN ALI Prije 19 dana
The last time I sew u ur hair wher short now it big.,. Can u please tell how can u make ur hair taller because I been always trying to make my hair taller but it doesn’t work ;(
Harrison Gardner
Harrison Gardner Prije 19 dana
One of the ingredients used to make nail polish is in dynamite
Mercedes Alberto
Mercedes Alberto Prije 19 dana
I’m a big fan I love your vids!!
Audrey Ross-Yoder
Audrey Ross-Yoder Prije 19 dana
Dan Hansen
Dan Hansen Prije 19 dana
Crazy cool kid !!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy cool kid !!!!!!!!!!! Prije 19 dana
I love all the water tricks🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😍😍love your channel!!!!!!!
niyah ewer
niyah ewer Prije 20 dana
Yara Ahmad
Yara Ahmad Prije 20 dana
Kassie: Whattt!? How cold is it inside here!? Me: you literally live in Canada Kassie-
Clara R. Frederiksen
Clara R. Frederiksen Prije 20 dana
lol that guy surfing in slush is actually danish. you can find the original video on his instagram (cj_steinfath) - he isnt tagged in the one on tiktok so im pretty sure that he doesnt even know that almost 3 mil people has watched him surf in ocean slush
Jagdish anand
Jagdish anand Prije 20 dana
That's cool that's an like it frozen like a doughnut but it was so solame
Sorcha Mackay
Sorcha Mackay Prije 20 dana
I Vey
I Vey Prije 21 dan
I don’t hate u that’s amazing 🤩
Marissa Maté
Marissa Maté Prije 21 dan
So much fire 🔥 today haha love it
Marissa Maté
Marissa Maté Prije 21 dan
2:51 That was the First thing I thought haha It hurts. A lot
oddly satisfying but you can touch it
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