Please don’t put your finger in that

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Keep those hands to yourself, sir. For some reason my Tik Tok FYP people putting their fingers where they don’t belong. It’s entertaining though.
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Emily Magee
Emily Magee Prije 24 minuta
me as i’m itching my nose at 0.11 “🙃”
Milky Way
Milky Way Prije sat
7:52 Wait a min... I saw this turtle before...but where Oh I remember!! ✨I saw it in amazing world of gumball✨
Thereal Unicornlover#1
Thereal Unicornlover#1 Prije 2 sati
Thereal Unicornlover#1
Thereal Unicornlover#1 Prije 2 sati
matt garland
matt garland Prije 2 sati
The thing were you said there boiling themselves alive its sand and a certain flow of air watch Mike robber to learn for on HRpost
Rosella Not just gacha
Rosella Not just gacha Prije 4 sati
2:15 I watch these videos all the time!!!
Rosella Not just gacha
Rosella Not just gacha Prije 4 sati
5:15 I watch that person too haha 😒🤭
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill Prije 5 sati
That bubbling thing they where sticking there hands in was sand being mixed with the right amount of air
Rachael Padua
Rachael Padua Prije 5 sati
the guy: My only friends are fish Me: my only friends are tacos
Erela Barbeau
Erela Barbeau Prije 5 sati
the thing that was "boiling" was sand with the perfect amount of air it basically boils.
Fatima Warsami
Fatima Warsami Prije 5 sati
That pufferfish is so CUTEEEEEE
violet campos
violet campos Prije 5 sati
it's called the rain room. It's an exhibit in the Los Angeles lacma museum. I have been to this exhibit and I can say it was completely not worth it. I had to wait in line for almost 3 hours, and I came out drenched. It doesn't matter how slow you walk, you most likely will get wet.
Maria Davis
Maria Davis Prije 6 sati
Hey gloom would you touch the skin of that crab named Lea?
Ya Yeet :3
Ya Yeet :3 Prije 6 sati
8:57 that’s actually sand
Ryan Dean
Ryan Dean Prije 6 sati
"oop that was a nose hair" 🤣🤣
Angel El-Meniawy
Angel El-Meniawy Prije 6 sati
The amount of times I just thought to myself ‘that’s what she said” throughout this video is ridiculous
Duckyteam Prije 6 sati
i have 2 pet frogs they sleep togter
Caramel Colouring
Caramel Colouring Prije 8 sati
If you’re wondering what they were doing with the sand they were basically liquefying sand so that’s where you insert it into the sand answered pressure there’s a video that Mark Rober did on it so you can check that out but nothing to be afraid of just liquified say and he literally threw nephews into it
Bunny people
Bunny people Prije 8 sati
Gloom don’t touch that it’s deadly. Also gloom can I get that as a pet?
Leah Prije 8 sati
Him: saves his ocean friend Lea. Me: o.o my name is Lea but spelled “Leah”
Dileynis winter
Dileynis winter Prije 8 sati
the tub was sand
Sleepy RL
Sleepy RL Prije 9 sati
Those little sea urchin things look like the Sootsprites!
Orneg X
Orneg X Prije 9 sati
3:40 thought It was a dog-
Ruby Manwaring
Ruby Manwaring Prije 9 sati
Blue ring octopus WHY JUST WHY
Dogs and Cats
Dogs and Cats Prije 9 sati
8:58 that is actually sand! Mark Rober did this experiment like some certain pressure or something makes it bubble
BubbleGum46 Prije 9 sati
1:20 Nightmares
Julia Rizzuto
Julia Rizzuto Prije 9 sati
The “boiling arm thing” was sand vibrated (I think) a certain way so it acts as a liquid
Paislee Gallinger
Paislee Gallinger Prije 10 sati
Mreenal Charoe
Mreenal Charoe Prije 10 sati
7:08 welcome to India 🇮🇳
Shadow Galgarian
Shadow Galgarian Prije 10 sati
Yes ocean daddy saves another ocean friend UuU
Maria Adam
Maria Adam Prije 10 sati
0:04 Lol, there are hands behind Gloom, as she says, *"Don't put your finger in that"*
Dreamer Wolf Gamez
Dreamer Wolf Gamez Prije 11 sati
Im pretty sure another name for that venomous snail is cone snail and it shoots these dart? things when threatened. The dart? Things are covered in the venom.
Soleil Wang
Soleil Wang Prije 12 sati
The one where you said they were boiling themselves it was actually sand with air being pumped into it just right so I you turned the contraption off your hand would be buried in sand, go to @mark rober and he does a whole vid about it
Lil Lucy!!!
Lil Lucy!!! Prije 12 sati
Who just randomly started watching gloom and now it’s a every day thing
MaskedRay Prije 12 sati
At 8:54 That's liquid sand Kassie, don't worry lol There are tubes at the bottom and the bubble are the air coming up from those tubes There's a Mark Rober video on it
Arielle Holland
Arielle Holland Prije 12 sati
That boiling stuff is sand and it is just air being blown in there they are fine
Shif didi
Shif didi Prije 12 sati
u should colab with sssniperwolf
Katicorn's Korner
Katicorn's Korner Prije 12 sati
I love watching Jacob c
Itz_Autumm Prije 13 sati
8:18 those are not fish eggs they are toad eggs and i knoww that bc im a frog nErD lol
Ravengamer _4213
Ravengamer _4213 Prije 13 sati
When you said that they were boiling them i think its that science that makes sand like liquid :)
water splash rainig cats
water splash rainig cats Prije 13 sati
Not dirt
꧁cookie • queen꧂
꧁cookie • queen꧂ Prije 15 sati
the one where they were boiling them selves alive lol was some sand being push by air a a certain volume and speed .know this from a mark Rober video
Frogz Prije 15 sati
8:56 it's sand
Roshina Dilao
Roshina Dilao Prije 15 sati
The boiling thing is actually sand that is being blowed with air underneath and it has to be a certain level
Roshina Dilao
Roshina Dilao Prije 15 sati
I live in south australia and my school usually has school trips at aquatics where the blue ringed octopuses live
ramengorl Prije 17 sati
When baby.frogs came on first and Kassie called her a boy 😂 also she put the tadpoles in her pool because she bought the pool especially for the frogs to grow in :3
Amber Muzammil
Amber Muzammil Prije 17 sati
This girl and azzy is a cheater they have copied sssniperwolfs carrier and her every video
BellaB 33
BellaB 33 Prije 18 sati
that last one actually made me nervous. it def didn't take my stress lol
Gaming tEa Repeat
Gaming tEa Repeat Prije 18 sati
Kassie: 2:08 "woah that things long" Me: that what she said
Artic Puppets UwU
Artic Puppets UwU Prije 18 sati
Some of those sea things are not sharp they just look sharp i think
Isla Tucker
Isla Tucker Prije 19 sati
On April 27th I got a sea urchin in my left foot and they dug out the black poison inside my big toe even on my birthday 😭😭😭😭 I love your content tho❤️❤️
Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru Prije 19 sati
2:34 Watermelon? Sir? What watermelon is that smol 😂
• [] K î d d ø ._. [] •
• [] K î d d ø ._. [] • Prije 19 sati
“you’re not supposed to touch a sea urchin” Me who touched a sea urchin once and it just hugged my finger: 👁 👄 👁 💧
Tanja Janecek
Tanja Janecek Prije 20 sati
You now weren you sead there bowling theme selves alive that’s sand
Terence Dave Amo
Terence Dave Amo Prije 20 sati
It's jacob colvin not jake
Cornel Suwowo
Cornel Suwowo Prije 21 sat
Me be like: i live in bali but never saw a blue ring octopus 😕 (I accually live in bali and sorry for my mistakes
paige and joboy
paige and joboy Prije 22 sati
"why is it on your hand you idiot" -gloom
Liv Duchac
Liv Duchac Prije 22 sati
bro mu trypophobia was triggeredddddd
Brianna T
Brianna T Prije 22 sati
Haha, im probs late but the people at 8:55 were just playing with liquid sand, its where air is filterd through sand and it creates a water like texture
Shayanaplayz Prije 23 sati
you asked how you can get poisoned by a blue ringed octopus how you can stung by them is if they bit you, they will most likely bite you on you hand or foot and when they do bite you it will be a upside down v shape. so if you do ever live in parts of the country where there's blue ringed octopuses then if you ever feel light headed and dizzy at the beach or rockpool or lagoon then check for there bite and then go to a hospital imminently.
Fern The ginger ferret
Fern The ginger ferret Prije 23 sati
I got the 4 slime crunches
A A Prije dan
"Japan, Australia, Philippines" Me who lives in the Philippines: WAIT hold up-
Amelia Crow
Amelia Crow Prije dan
when she asked if they were boiling themselvs alive that wasent water that was sand look up: Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed from mark rober
Lorna D
Lorna D Prije dan
she was not boiling thier hands- thats just sand with air tubes pushing air
Mrs. Carissa's Class
Mrs. Carissa's Class Prije dan
Helena Rataj
Helena Rataj Prije dan
I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter either way you’re going to get a lot of rain because if you run you get more rain on the side of your body but if you walk then you got more rain at the top
C Prije dan
8:54 that is called a fluidized bed. By adding air at just the right pressure you can make solid sand act like a liquid
Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato Prije dan
Oh you watched a Jacob Colvin video he is a HRpostr who helps with the invasive parasite problem in northwestern America
Khloe Weaver31
Khloe Weaver31 Prije dan
W̸h̸e̸n̸ 🇮 ᗯᗩTᑕᕼ 𝑔𝑙𝑜𝑜𝑚 ♥︎♡︎♥︎♡︎♥︎♡︎♡︎☻︎㋛㋛☻︎㋛ت☺︎︎ت☺︎︎ 𝕥ʜ𝗲Ⓣꫝe̺͆
Eowyn Anderson
Eowyn Anderson Prije dan
it is proven that if you walk slowly then less will fall. when running, you are in more spaces at once there for, more rain. now i am nerd😎
Deku Prije dan
At 2:15 I Watch him he’s nice to that an animals
Claire Walker
Claire Walker Prije dan
8:54 I think it is sand being pushed up with air so you can go through it
Sophia Hugo Blanco Cejudo
Sophia Hugo Blanco Cejudo Prije dan
Cassie the bubbly stuff is just sand that has air going in
dally plushy
dally plushy Prije dan
Taking negative energy is not witch craft my mom dose it but in card form and yeah it's not witch craft
Aubrey Weiner
Aubrey Weiner Prije dan
"The boling people alive" is just sand with air I learned from mark rober
Mxtchesandflxmes Prije dan
Me: sees anacrylics on there Also me: *bruh I just watched anacrylics*
Leah Suzuki
Leah Suzuki Prije dan
i had the immune to heat thing when i was nine. i put hot glue on my fingers on purpose. she thought she was not like other girls.
- NotCat -
- NotCat - Prije dan
May the Forth be with you 💖
Jill Bill Patterson
Jill Bill Patterson Prije dan
when my fish is hungrey he pops his head out and open and closes his mouth and a put my finger there and he nibbles my finger so then i get his food and then he is happy.
Adaleigh Pierce
Adaleigh Pierce Prije dan
That was a snapping turtle they like being buried in mud infact they bury themselves in mud 😁🤣😄😂😂😂😂
When I saw the caption I thought of something else-
lilly boss
lilly boss Prije dan
Yes gloom
Moose playz games
Moose playz games Prije dan
Lucy Marie
Lucy Marie Prije dan
That’s what she said
Phoebe Rocks
Phoebe Rocks Prije dan
I love don't put your finger in that
Kelly White
Kelly White Prije dan
So with the quicksand you actually can’t drown it it but can get stuck just relax and slowly kinda do the backstroke
Akacia Mungulu
Akacia Mungulu Prije dan
LAINEBlomma Plays
LAINEBlomma Plays Prije dan
I had frog eggs! U can get some if u want i found them! And they jumped out so they ar free now!🥰 im for real 8years old and when i got the frogs i think i was like 6-7 years old lol
Divus Crewel
Divus Crewel Prije dan
I was so scared when I saw Kassie with a dog face
Michele Casey
Michele Casey Prije dan
at 5:34 is anyone gonna talk about the finger nail pushed in the FINGER
Alice Berry
Alice Berry Prije dan
the rain box in Saint Kilda Australia , is a box and it is actual water and it is raining. The place is filled with sensors and if you walk slowly the sensors will pick you up to stop the rain. If you run you will get wet because the sensors won't pic you up, it is an amazing thng and there is videos on HRpost that you can watch.
Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan Prije dan
The one with the women "boiling themselves" it was liquid sand air is pumped under the sand to make it like a liquid
Cheska Amador
Cheska Amador Prije dan
The first one:frogs Me:FROG ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Christina Geuss
Christina Geuss Prije dan
I knew that if you walk slow less water will get on you when it rains
Amber Prije dan
8:58 it's sand
Sarah Parsons
Sarah Parsons Prije dan
I love watching your videos I love you
Sarah Parsons
Sarah Parsons Prije dan
Sarah Parsons
Sarah Parsons Prije dan
Hello Daydream
Hello Daydream Prije dan
The bottom of some sea urgents do not have spikes! Gloom you make the best vids
Je Jackson
Je Jackson Prije dan
It was cute he saved the her
manatee man
manatee man Prije dan
8:55 that is liquid sand lol
Gumgumgummygirl .!
Gumgumgummygirl .! Prije dan
Fortnite & Minecraft Gaming
Fortnite & Minecraft Gaming Prije dan
The whole time No one: Me:That's what she said
Darcey Alice
Darcey Alice Prije dan
Hey gloom your halairious lol whenever I'm sad I watch you
oddly satisfying but you can touch it
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