Tasting a fruit that grew up listening to music

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This melon listened to classical music and grew up being massaged and talked to in Japan. Only for me to get my grubby hands on it and go "huh? what's this?" I can already tell this melon doesn't like HRpostrs. But maybe we'll learn something today.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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Mia Rose
Mia Rose Prije 3 sati
At the beginning I love how Kass was like “ahahaha” for sitting on the bag 😊😅
axsthetically Prije 8 sati
I never saw someone eat honeydew and ENJOY IT 🍈
Softmocha Prije 8 sati
Ew honeydew
DeZ Rae
DeZ Rae Prije 13 sati
I'm confused, in fruit cups all there are is pears, peaches, and pineapple. Never melons. Idk, maybe just me.
ฅMitzu_Chuฅ Prije 20 sati
Oh I tried that fruit a few time. It was NOT the best.
Typical_gacha Gamer
Typical_gacha Gamer Prije dan
Is that a Devil fruit
PVP God Prije dan
You can buy those where I live for like 12 bucks
yole scandly
yole scandly Prije dan
Kassie ASMR Video
??????? Wtf
??????? Wtf Prije dan
I thought honey dew was orange because the ones I have are like really juicy and orange
Space Cat:3
Space Cat:3 Prije 2 dana
Oh I thought it was rock melon
Kinley Griffin
Kinley Griffin Prije 2 dana
Kassie: is this just me Me: yea it is your the only one who can feel it.
josie moore
josie moore Prije 2 dana
AmbiElephant Prije 2 dana
Long story short it's alrigh" I'm dead
Nero Prije 2 dana
"Long story short, uh, it's all right." And after all that planning I had to buy one of those throughout the video... 😔
Audrey Whitney
Audrey Whitney Prije 2 dana
Here you go gloom🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍉🍇🍌🍒🍑🍍🍍🥭
Judith Sam
Judith Sam Prije 2 dana
I always eat this
Sandy Plays games
Sandy Plays games Prije 3 dana
Do you like watermelon? I mean like. It is a melon.
Aurelie ꧁꧂
Aurelie ꧁꧂ Prije 3 dana
So first you made a video and now I'm obsessed with honeycomb and I want to buy it and now you getting this melon and I just really want it
Addison Rush
Addison Rush Prije 3 dana
Just think that you were the melon and when Cassie is ripping out your insides how funny would that be melon and how it feels
ArchReaper Prije 4 dana
What devil fruit that is?🤔
amna khan
amna khan Prije 4 dana
Yooooo kassie said pakistani mangos are the best . Yeah I am from Pakistan so I am overwhelmed.❣️❣️❣️🥺😂🤪
shubbo Prije 4 dana
8:57 melon becomes candle and scares me to death bc I thought it was on fire
vedika Prije 4 dana
kassie hating on melons me literally eating an entire watemelon while watching this
skrt gacha
skrt gacha Prije 4 dana
jokes on you kentucky has like 1/4 of the juice they have tbh- y’all got the crusty stuff- TEEHEE
Rebecca Del Real
Rebecca Del Real Prije 4 dana
I've been awake for about 20 minutes. When Kassie opened the melon and I saw that green inside I said "it's not finished cooking". 🤦‍♀️
M Kenney
M Kenney Prije 4 dana
Animez yt
Animez yt Prije 4 dana
There is no way that is a honey dew melon that's a devil fruit
Gatcha Moonlight
Gatcha Moonlight Prije 4 dana
In Lebanon we at his fruit for “12L.L” mean half of a dollar
Major Duck
Major Duck Prije 4 dana
10:30 , wow she really did that ‘honey dew sugar high’ style
T0xiic_Mauve Prije 4 dana
Gawd, that looks soooo yummmyyyyy! I could eat that whole thing in a day... 🤩🤩🤩
alourily Prije 5 dana
Who thought she was going to bring in a square watermelon? Kay Just me.
Alaina Peach
Alaina Peach Prije 5 dana
Pretty sure that wouldn't do anything
Haley Marquez
Haley Marquez Prije 5 dana
I just go go to the grocery store and can get one for $5.00 at most
023 Priyesh Gupta
023 Priyesh Gupta Prije 5 dana
I watched a person eat a melon. Ok.
Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball Prije 5 dana
Why??????? It's the FUJI one. Noooooo...
Sara Andradottir
Sara Andradottir Prije 5 dana
my Asian grandparents always bring a whole bunch of fruit when they come over.
InfinityGalaxyLuna Prije 5 dana
Really these things aren't expensive in my country
Yahya JJ
Yahya JJ Prije 5 dana
Me in Saudi Arabia have it every where and we call it “shammam”
shontell brantley
shontell brantley Prije 5 dana
the amount of juice in that honeydew you could start your own business for honeydew juice 😂😂
Syeda Kazmi
Syeda Kazmi Prije 5 dana
Kaelynne Gabrielle Santiago
Kaelynne Gabrielle Santiago Prije 5 dana
I was disturbed when they closed up on her taking the seeds out-
Buddhika Hewawasam
Buddhika Hewawasam Prije 5 dana
Am I the only one that thinks why she's wearing a ear pod 😂❤️
Buddhika Hewawasam
Buddhika Hewawasam Prije 5 dana
Am I the only think he's dog is so cute 🥺😭❤️❤️
Buddhika Hewawasam
Buddhika Hewawasam Prije 5 dana
Imagine getting a heart from gloom 🥺❤️😭
8а Нандин-Эрдэнэ
8а Нандин-Эрдэнэ Prije 5 dana
I really love Kassie's talk that i could listen for hours. The way she talks it's so cute, adorable and funny❤️
8а Нандин-Эрдэнэ
8а Нандин-Эрдэнэ Prije 5 dana
When Kassie smiles i smile at her. This is how Kassie attracts you.❤️ Her smile☺️❤️
Diya biju 6C NPS 2448
Diya biju 6C NPS 2448 Prije 5 dana
Potato Prije 6 dana
Why is it green n yellow
Fairyking Lux
Fairyking Lux Prije 6 dana
One piece
Nikita Kask
Nikita Kask Prije 6 dana
I could get a melon with the exact same patern on it at my local supermarket😂
Yuuki Prije 6 dana
In my country 45,000 dollars is like million. Or even more
Haaniya Ali
Haaniya Ali Prije 6 dana
Well I am watching this I am actually in Pakistan we took a trip at times and my family is here.
dell bell
dell bell Prije 6 dana
Me eating a melon while watching this
Emily Mirza
Emily Mirza Prije 6 dana
-,- is she dropping hints about the whole being pregnant thing because she did just get engaged recently... I might be wrong but it's my ThEoRY..
hi Prije 6 dana
You really cant sell it by taste though cuz i mean its a fruit you cant just cut it taste it and sell it
Mirab Imran
Mirab Imran Prije 6 dana
i m from pakistan thank u or complementing our mangos
Amy Angel
Amy Angel Prije 6 dana
Do you share with Terry when you eat
Dark Aesthetic
Dark Aesthetic Prije 6 dana
Where kassie leaves: the melons are expensive here Here in Philippines: melon melon! Oh its cheap here!
Goma Chan
Goma Chan Prije 6 dana
The rabbits on the bag are actually from an old Japanese tale and the part that you can see is the frog eating the rabbit. I don’t remember the story too well though. 😅
Budgie Dudgie
Budgie Dudgie Prije 7 dana
Ok ok ok why does the outside of this melon look like a rock melon and the inside look like a honey dew?
Angel El-Meniawy
Angel El-Meniawy Prije 7 dana
Lol not me thinking it was a cantaloupe
Astrid Rioufol
Astrid Rioufol Prije 7 dana
what does the title of the video have to do white the actual video?
greenteabmocha Prije 7 dana
Is anyone bothered by the fact she said call me back in a year... but then he said "it takes 100 days " A YEAR IS 325 DAYS
maymay Moore
maymay Moore Prije 7 dana
Why am I torturing my self by watching this Wile I’m fasting
Jordan Whitfield
Jordan Whitfield Prije 7 dana
I thought she bought a devil fruit
Mustang Playz
Mustang Playz Prije 7 dana
I hate honey dew but know I want to give them a chance......... Nah.... I can’t afford the the expensive kind
Maddie Bailey
Maddie Bailey Prije 7 dana
Ummmm.... If you didnt know already but you can by honeydew melon in the UK for less then a £5
humna syed
humna syed Prije 7 dana
I have eat this and this is food and one more thing it is very cheap in our country 💞😍
Pinkie Prije 7 dana
Terry : "WhEn ElSe Do YoU hAvE hOnEyDeW" me : When I'm at home and have a honeydew 😐
Alisha Goyal
Alisha Goyal Prije 7 dana
I love how the video ends with Kassie saying "its a'ight"
Sana Salim
Sana Salim Prije 7 dana
YES she is 100% correct about the Pakistani mangoes they are sooooo delicious! They are considered one of the best mangoes in the world go ask google!
i’m sha
i’m sha Prije 7 dana
Again, she looks high😂
i’m sha
i’m sha Prije 7 dana
Honeydew is the worst fruit out there
Kyle Gonzales
Kyle Gonzales Prije 7 dana
I ask my little sister if she knows the world expensive melon she answered.......?... COCOMELON😂
Rabie Kaakati
Rabie Kaakati Prije 7 dana
Totally Normal Person
Totally Normal Person Prije 7 dana
I'm hungryy
curiosity Prije 7 dana
I like honey-dew melon 🍈😊
Althea Nicole Chua Lappay
Althea Nicole Chua Lappay Prije 8 dana
In philipines its just 2-3 dollars
•Mysan Moon•
•Mysan Moon• Prije 7 dana
They’ve grown it in a more complex way in Japan to make it taste and look better. And it has taken a lot of effort, so I guess that’s why the price is so high in Japan.
Terry Medeiros
Terry Medeiros Prije 8 dana
I like the honeydew in the fruit cups 🥲
Drew Newby
Drew Newby Prije 8 dana
Am I the only one that sees that she looks like she has been crying
Bellybear 09
Bellybear 09 Prije 8 dana
Who else Jas never heard of melon in a fruit cup??🤔🤔💭
Emalee Rayn
Emalee Rayn Prije 8 dana
How is it so expensive if I can get the same one from walmart
Not cool Dude
Not cool Dude Prije 8 dana
man now im jealous lol
Hannie Dances
Hannie Dances Prije 8 dana
i live that honeydew melon MY FAVE
Nikki Lovely
Nikki Lovely Prije 8 dana
Is it bussin? 🍈😂
Emma Robinson
Emma Robinson Prije 8 dana
I guess I am the only one who loves honeydew? Sad
b Prije 8 dana
honeydew is usually sold cheaper then that?
Teo The hero
Teo The hero Prije 8 dana
Wait you have kids
Equine Girl
Equine Girl Prije 8 dana
That melon has more ice than me 😂
Liba Ishtiaq
Liba Ishtiaq Prije 8 dana
Wait it it has seeds you can plant them when they grow you can sell them
Wanika Pandey
Wanika Pandey Prije 8 dana
I live in India and on their Honey melon is very cheap
Akira Bennerson
Akira Bennerson Prije 8 dana
The way she has it displayed behind her.
mei minamikawa
mei minamikawa Prije 8 dana
You have to try Japanese grapes call Kyohou. It’s like you’re drinking Welch’s grape juice! Make sure you peel off the skin tho
Ella Munch
Ella Munch Prije 8 dana
Melons are not that expensive here in Denmark 🤨
Lychee Myusic
Lychee Myusic Prije 8 dana
"honeydew" is my #1 favorite fruit oml it's like... what i imagine fruit from a video game would be like lol, so juicy, tender, sweet, amazing! ive never had honeydew from a fruit cup btw, only mandarine oranges, pineapple and those weird cherries. i typed honeydew in quotes as we often overlap this with american cantaloupe, which is the actual melon I'm referring to. really really tasty with a similar netting and coloring, but orange on the inside instead of green.
i like potato
i like potato Prije 8 dana
melon in viet nam is sweet and not that expensive
Brenna D
Brenna D Prije 8 dana
honestly this might be my favorite video of hers .. jokes were on point, explanation of literally everything was perfect. terry saying the people will like kassie slurping and kassie saying she would be pregnant if she were treated like a honeydew... ah so great
Charlotte Edgell
Charlotte Edgell Prije 8 dana
not a honeydew
Charlotte Edgell
Charlotte Edgell Prije 8 dana
is not a honeydew
Charlotte Edgell
Charlotte Edgell Prije 8 dana
sorry honeydew i think i have made my point so just stop calling it a honeydew
Charlotte Edgell
Charlotte Edgell Prije 8 dana
honeydew is dry shut up
Ariya Imchen
Ariya Imchen Prije 8 dana
"konichiwa" 😂
Kassie you can buy this melon for 2 dollars
oddly satisfying but you can touch it
Prepare to no longer be dirty
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