Match the Dog to the Owner (Reaction)

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I feel like people often have the same energy as their dog, so the relationship is compatible. Then again, a teacup chihuahua was right for me and now a German Shepherd is right for me.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

kennedy schaub
kennedy schaub Prije 10 sati
Me seeing a Dachshund screams it my dog
Turea Leckie-Coleman
Turea Leckie-Coleman Prije dan
I have a cat and she sleeps all the time 😂
Kathryn Beaver
Kathryn Beaver Prije dan
Maisie Stewart
Maisie Stewart Prije 2 dana
i LOVE frenchies they are my favorite dog
Amy Carnell
Amy Carnell Prije 2 dana
Hi im 7 and i love you
Sharon Sanchez
Sharon Sanchez Prije 3 dana
4:08 “She looks Christian” I am a Christian, and I feel like I should be offended by this.
Juliet Place
Juliet Place Prije 3 dana
What happened to tinkie
Seggsy Shrek
Seggsy Shrek Prije 5 dana
4:09 excuse me what 😀 Is she talking about my religion or ...?
Sadie Clark
Sadie Clark Prije 5 dana
I watched it late but I'm subscribed and I liked! YOUR MY FAVORITE HRpostR!!!!!!!!!!!!;) :)
Sadie Clark
Sadie Clark Prije 5 dana
I was like I have a chiwieni brown coat with brown nose
Sadie Clark
Sadie Clark Prije 5 dana
When You said "I love these dogs"
Bianna Jarvi
Bianna Jarvi Prije 6 dana
i have a rough collie she a beautiy
Lou Whelan
Lou Whelan Prije 6 dana
It have two dachshund brother and sister they are called Luna and solar
Kitty meow lover
Kitty meow lover Prije 7 dana
remember how small anjing was when we first saw him?
Ken Holbrook
Ken Holbrook Prije 9 dana
Her says everybody should have a dog:Me:TELL MY PARENTS THAT
Hannetjie King
Hannetjie King Prije 10 dana
I own a Dutchan mine is so small tho and he is turning 2
Taytum Chase
Taytum Chase Prije 11 dana
AWWW dog 🐕🐾 so CUTE !!
Leah Walden-Hurtgen
Leah Walden-Hurtgen Prije 12 dana
I feel like Your cute black dog who I love so much because you’re so cute is made for you also I know his name but I know how to spell his name that’s why I’m not saying his name
Leah Walden-Hurtgen
Leah Walden-Hurtgen Prije 12 dana
I feel like you’re cute black dog who l Love so much Cuz he is so cute is made for you also I know his name but l Don’t know how to spell it that is why
Sandra Licata
Sandra Licata Prije 12 dana
I think one of the guys looks like Terry
Anastasia Grimley
Anastasia Grimley Prije 12 dana
im just waiting for the huge cane corso to come out
Arya Keene
Arya Keene Prije 13 dana
Its not a collie!!!! IT'S A ASSI$
shaun gibson
shaun gibson Prije 13 dana
Please read this I need this answer what happened to Twinki
Dark Samurai Ninja
Dark Samurai Ninja Prije 13 dana
Match humans to dogs : *Snapchat filter*
Alexa Campanella
Alexa Campanella Prije 14 dana
Excuse me did you say collies are supposed to be smart! Mines the dumbest dog I've ever seen!
Fortunes and Fun
Fortunes and Fun Prije 14 dana
I have a dog but I am allergic to fur but the dog is also a security dog since he is a German Shepherd
Jemimah Geo
Jemimah Geo Prije 14 dana
were is twinki .. he is not in a vidd
Jayda Chapman
Jayda Chapman Prije 15 dana
I have a fat cat not a dog
lpsrainbow 1
lpsrainbow 1 Prije 16 dana
I have a cat and we love eachother and when I'm sad he somtimes comes and cheers me up and I'm happy with having 4 cats
lpsrainbow 1
lpsrainbow 1 Prije 16 dana
I matched the big fluffy dog to the correct person because I felt it was a emotion support animal for some reason
Sophia LaTurno
Sophia LaTurno Prije 16 dana
Aleyda Jacquez
Aleyda Jacquez Prije 16 dana
Katie Prije 16 dana
iTs a dAsHuNdDd
Tayva Bella
Tayva Bella Prije 16 dana
9:06 that dog was beautiful
Life with a hedgehog
Life with a hedgehog Prije 17 dana
Best Thumbnail Ever
judy harrison
judy harrison Prije 17 dana
my dog would go to everyone cause he loves everyone he is very interested in meeting people
Nadia’s Diary
Nadia’s Diary Prije 17 dana
𝙺𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚏𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚕
Nyah Wilson
Nyah Wilson Prije 18 dana
Poor jabroni 😢
*coco* bean
*coco* bean Prije 18 dana
Kassie get your self a weenier dog I have 3 they are so sweet
Edria Dayyinah
Edria Dayyinah Prije 18 dana
Yooo. Dogs are haram
Li’l Ev18
Li’l Ev18 Prije 18 dana
DACHSHUND’S ARE MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL’S AND I CALL THEM SAUSAGE DOGS!!!!!! That sausage dog on this show is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
•Gacha_Enzy• Prije 18 dana
Veronica Villa-Preciado
Veronica Villa-Preciado Prije 18 dana
My Golden retriever would not let me lay down or else he will bark because he thinks im hurt
Veronica Villa-Preciado
Veronica Villa-Preciado Prije 18 dana
Chloe and games
Chloe and games Prije 18 dana
Check them out on my channel
Chloe and games
Chloe and games Prije 18 dana
I have a dog and 2 ferret's
LuckySpiritWolfGamer LuckySpiritWolfGDTF
LuckySpiritWolfGamer LuckySpiritWolfGDTF Prije 18 dana
It’s been a while that I have watched your vids He’s so bigggggg
ヅA dragonヅ
ヅA dragonヅ Prije 18 dana
I just watched too videos of "small" *pupper* and now this-
BuddHazel Prije 19 dana
You know how massive said that everyone should get a dog because they bring so much joy, KITTENS DO THE SAME THING.
Krishan Kalia
Krishan Kalia Prije 19 dana
Amazing video!
Ellie Sandall
Ellie Sandall Prije 19 dana
Can we just appreciate how in the thumb nail was Cameron diaz
German Shepherd
German Shepherd Prije 20 dana
Me thinks of my German shepherd. Him sleeping
Alexis Prije 20 dana
Claudia CHARLTON Prije 20 dana
The dashhound is the small long sausage dog and it’s pronounced daxond I also have a dog and I call him Tino and he’s so sweet and only coping humans can take care for they are known for their urge to hear their own voice. In other words, they bark A lot
this odd gatcha person
this odd gatcha person Prije 21 dan
ummm my dog is old smells bad and barks to much has skin problames and a bunch of health problames idk if he loves me or not
Girraffe _cookie
Girraffe _cookie Prije 21 dan
And we have a dushud
Girraffe _cookie
Girraffe _cookie Prije 21 dan
We also have a pit bull and he’s soooooo cute
Alyssa Moton
Alyssa Moton Prije 21 dan
why terry loke like in he is in that vido
Maria King
Maria King Prije 21 dan
When my mom got cancer my dog an Afrikaanis( a big hunting dog ) And she lay with her the whole time and even slept next to her
Aven Calkins
Aven Calkins Prije 21 dan
i love Shepherds as you can tell from my pfp
Eumi Bacayo
Eumi Bacayo Prije 22 dana
Hey you have 2 dogs right? Wheres the other one? The chiwawa
Celia Perez
Celia Perez Prije 22 dana
Annie West
Annie West Prije 22 dana
Never had a dog so can't relate
Ayira Prije 22 dana
iiPrettypxlease Prije 22 dana
Who else remembers Shakira from the episode that caused controversy?
raegan Moyer
raegan Moyer Prije 22 dana
Congratulations your name has been approved;)
Julia_ _Fan101
Julia_ _Fan101 Prije 22 dana
I have a Border Collie ! and a bird!!!
jessica collins
jessica collins Prije 22 dana
My dog is hairless what does it say about me I’m only 19 almost 20 😅 he’s also small but I have a bigger dog who is mostly black
Dance Star
Dance Star Prije 22 dana
pause on 2:39 and enjoy
Tamsin stubbing
Tamsin stubbing Prije 22 dana
Girl we are going to be cutting down your diet Chinese dog NANI?!
David Marsh
David Marsh Prije 22 dana
BashfulBloom Prije 22 dana
ok fun fact so i have a german sheperd and she was sitting on the couch watching this with me and when she saw ur dog her ears went up and i just find that cute
Aisha 2.0
Aisha 2.0 Prije 22 dana
why does cut always invite ppl who are rude for no reason. Like, they just saw them for 10 minutes and now they are stereotyping them.
OG Sky Panda Queen
OG Sky Panda Queen Prije 22 dana
And American Staffordshire terrier is actually a breed of pitbull and I actually have one she’s the sweetest thing ever and today is actually her birthday 🥳
mustard chicken
mustard chicken Prije 22 dana
I have a cat does that count?
Tafida Tazmeen
Tafida Tazmeen Prije 23 dana
I wish I had a pet 😩😩😭😭😭😭
AkemiFlameborg Prije 23 dana
My doggo might not be trained as a therapy dog, but she always runs to me when I start crying and licks my face. She won't leave until I've calmed down ❤
Kalynn Spurlock
Kalynn Spurlock Prije 23 dana
Abbey Nizette
Abbey Nizette Prije 23 dana
Aww they’re so cute I have two staffy’s
Lizzy Kim
Lizzy Kim Prije 23 dana
i love dogs but i ain't gettin one any time soon after seeing my cat's reaction to my kitten it's been months and she ain't used to him 😭🤚
trying to bare fruit in old age
trying to bare fruit in old age Prije 23 dana
I wost to have a farret and a dog but thet 😭😭😭😭
It's your girl!
It's your girl! Prije 23 dana
Why is no one talking about how big he has gotten?!
I dog died😭
Circus Clown
Circus Clown Prije 23 dana
The dog that I have is a pitbull mastiff and he is so sweet
Skyqueen2017 Prije 23 dana
I can't have a dog bc I live in a condo so I'm not allowed to have a dog but I want one so bad specifically a Pomeranian or a Japanese Spitz preferably white
Jackie Young
Jackie Young Prije 23 dana
9:53 - 10:05
Anonymous Prije 23 dana
Dude nobody gonna talk about how she put her dog in a sweater? Like that was soooooo cute ☺️
Keanu C:
Keanu C: Prije 23 dana
my cat looks and acts like me :)
Malia Fooladi
Malia Fooladi Prije 23 dana
My cat should be a therapy cat. He is a Persian cat and his name is Kingpoofy. Hes super nice
Connie Miguelez
Connie Miguelez Prije 23 dana
Greyhound are very calm full when you are sad there come to you.
Harper Bleich
Harper Bleich Prije 23 dana
No it’s is a boxer
Caden Valdez
Caden Valdez Prije 23 dana
Dogs right do you like dogs I have a dog to he’s a boxer I name him Arthur Arthur Morgan from red dead redemption two
Basma Karvanian
Basma Karvanian Prije 23 dana
Klara Tepeš
Klara Tepeš Prije 23 dana
Do more vidios like this
Tasha Levin
Tasha Levin Prije 24 dana
My sister taught her dog commands in Hebrew, and he's an emotional support dog.
Tommy Notinnit
Tommy Notinnit Prije 24 dana
My friend has a mini dioxin named lilo and lilo is like what, a month old? 4 months? And lilo is a blonde
Addi Baddi Wolfe is crazy Wolfe
Addi Baddi Wolfe is crazy Wolfe Prije 24 dana
5 days early!!
NikkiTheWeirdTrashcan Prije 24 dana
The woman with moose has a dog like mine with the same name 🤨
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis Prije 24 dana
i. love. dogs
Mencia A
Mencia A Prije 24 dana
hghgvghvgf i love this sm
GAMING WITH NOAH! !! Prije 24 dana
No one talking about how terry is in that dog video
•*Cookies&Cream*• Prije 25 dana
My dogs try to bite my face off and then mom goes, “ThErE jUsT kIsSeS”. -,-
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