I’m still mad about this high school breakup

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This made me so mad that I almost blacked out and had to take a bath after to calm down. This is a completed play through, Emily is Away 3
Prepare your heart.
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Video Edited by Terry & MauriCleric
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

Misty Moon
Misty Moon Prije 6 sati
Lily Ahlswede
Lily Ahlswede Prije 8 sati
CORA PELLETT Prije 13 sati
when she put Dec 20 close enough ha ha
Itsbabyblue Prije 2 dana
Can someone tell me what game this is? Please. Thank you! ❤❤
I love harry potter
I love harry potter Prije 2 dana
U join on my b-day
Infin Bands
Infin Bands Prije 2 dana
Nicholas Budovec
Nicholas Budovec Prije 2 dana
Dang, that was well written
Isla Mcavaney
Isla Mcavaney Prije 2 dana
The way Kassie voiced Mat just made me go euhhhh at the character
Little Italian Capsicum
Little Italian Capsicum Prije 2 dana
please do this again but go to emilys party
Vi Dixon
Vi Dixon Prije 3 dana
Ruby Mickleson
Ruby Mickleson Prije 3 dana
I’m literally so confused😂🥲
ughitsash Prije 3 dana
I'm not sure why but this entire game brings me memories to my first relationship in 4th grade
D and C Dance
D and C Dance Prije 3 dana
Mat is definitely a libra XD
Cawie【 ˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵】
Cawie【 ˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵】 Prije 3 dana
EVELYN triggered me so much-
iwatch ytwhenimbored
iwatch ytwhenimbored Prije 3 dana
umm i was happy at around 38:00 SPOILER!! but if she went to emily’s party.... would she be dating emily
Nero Prije 3 dana
56:28 - *Kassie officially losing her mind* I'm dying, PLEASE-
IWG Ministries
IWG Ministries Prije 3 dana
What is this game cALLEd
Valentina Hernandez
Valentina Hernandez Prije 4 dana
“ the sooner you dump me the sooner I can have a hot girl summer “ Kassie 2021
Milena Prije 4 dana
PLEASE do another playthrough of this but going through Emily's route
Valatrix Prije 5 dana
I wanna see her do this again but go to Emily's party
Abigail Heberle
Abigail Heberle Prije 5 dana
I did not realize that this was an hour long better save it for later
Kiana Korell
Kiana Korell Prije 5 dana
Please play the other endsssss🥺
buildahedgehog Prije 5 dana
hi Everyone how are you doing
buildahedgehog Prije 5 dana
buildahedgehog Prije 5 dana
Mady _Gacha
Mady _Gacha Prije 5 dana
Could you do a part two where you going a different rout I wanna see what would happen if you chose Emliy! :D
Kuromi Prije 5 dana
Dude- That Evelyn girl reminds me oof my old bsf, nice at first, then constantly manipulating me, and finally when i confront her shes all like "I'm NoT mANipUlatIve" "youRe tHe ManIPUlatiVE oNe"
kassie:i hate social media me:your on youtube ,you have a tik tok,you have instagram :(
Wild Cat
Wild Cat Prije 6 dana
This is random but I want you to do more secret neighbour with the whole gang!
Szftiechrrz Prije 6 dana
What’s the game called?
Ash_vlogs Prije 6 dana
It’s funny how I relate to this so much rn irl
Sabrina Alexis
Sabrina Alexis Prije 6 dana
Uan Emu
Uan Emu Prije 6 dana
I loved watching this plz make a emily run video.
Noor Ismail
Noor Ismail Prije 6 dana
can someone tell me the name of the thing
Jacqueline López
Jacqueline López Prije 7 dana
What is the name of this app
Jacqueline López
Jacqueline López Prije 7 dana
It is funny I was born in December 28 2008
Gabriella Nelson
Gabriella Nelson Prije 7 dana
pls do more plssssssssssss
Zero_Limits Prije 7 dana
I love how she used nuggets voice from when she played kindergarten😂❤️
Kenzie Hunt
Kenzie Hunt Prije 8 dana
i can't believe that i watched all that haha. but ngl Kassie, if you play again doing different things i would watch!!!
Tucks James
Tucks James Prije 8 dana
i love how passionate you are in all ur videos, this one reminded me of ur early youtube days!
Kierstin Beavin
Kierstin Beavin Prije 8 dana
this video has severely confused me but i love it
xhoki Prije 8 dana
I was so mad near the beginning of when we just figured out Evelyn’s secret, but as I watched her play it more every time she would rage I just laughed lol
ItsAniah! Prije 8 dana
Hopefully she does another one of these!
sailor tube
sailor tube Prije 8 dana
never mind its fake
sailor tube
sailor tube Prije 8 dana
are these people real? even gloom
Elliote Prije 8 dana
Can you do the emily ending not the eveilin ending?
Ariana Fernandez
Ariana Fernandez Prije 8 dana
What game is this
Annmarie Kratz
Annmarie Kratz Prije 8 dana
What is the game called? Or is it a game?
SJ Younty
SJ Younty Prije 8 dana
Why was i crying?.....and Also very angry?
jada Prije 8 dana
I know its just a game and it doesn't really matter, but honestly how evelyn acted at the end makes me wonder if she lied about Travis. It seemed like history was repeating itself, except from the other persons perspective.
Mya Buckley
Mya Buckley Prije 8 dana
And are we not just going to talk about that Kassie posted a video an hour and 36 minutes long.. not that i care lol xD
Mya Buckley
Mya Buckley Prije 8 dana
Can somebody tell me what she is playing
Ella Njigua
Ella Njigua Prije 8 dana
12 years later they all start using snap chat
Ariadne Cabon
Ariadne Cabon Prije 8 dana
I've missed the story driven games so much :) glad this popped up in my feed
Ramiele Chavez
Ramiele Chavez Prije 8 dana
This seems like a cool Game what is it called?
• D A I S Y •
• D A I S Y • Prije 8 dana
I really want more of this- I wanna replay this vid but it's wayyy too long-
Hana Behl-Lecter
Hana Behl-Lecter Prije 8 dana
"I like punk!" Oh sick, are we gonna get to listen to some Dead Kennedys or something? "....Check out this song by Against Me!" Oh. Thrash Unreal is a banger tho
Melissa martinez
Melissa martinez Prije 8 dana
This game just hits Hard at home😅 and I'm here for it
• w ø ñ d ę r •
• w ø ñ d ę r • Prije 8 dana
I am the only one that this seems like the continuing of emily is away gloom played years ago
Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin Prije 8 dana
what game is this
Bannana Jimmy
Bannana Jimmy Prije 9 dana
did anyone notice that kassies voice for mat is like nuggets from kindergaten except a bit less nuggety
Agurl’s World
Agurl’s World Prije 9 dana
Man I know somebody like Evelyn 🤣
Blessing M
Blessing M Prije 9 dana
When your so interested in the story you don’t realize the video is a hour and 30 minutes until the end of the video
Jocelyn Smith
Jocelyn Smith Prije 9 dana
My new comfort video
Among Us Sushisus
Among Us Sushisus Prije 9 dana
i just realized this was posted on my sisters birthday she turned 13!
james kenney
james kenney Prije 9 dana
i want to play that game now
nature Prije 9 dana
Emily SInger: it ends tonight, it ends tonight... Me: *JUST A LITTLE INSIGHT WON'T MAKE THIS RIGHT, IT'S TOO LATE TO FIGHT*
Evelyn Scarpa
Evelyn Scarpa Prije 9 dana
Me full name Evelyn ;-;
Karma Hazelwood
Karma Hazelwood Prije 9 dana
Internet urban legends
Simone Moore
Simone Moore Prije 9 dana
I wish she made more long videos
TiffanastI's world
TiffanastI's world Prije 9 dana
I made my yt 12 years ago like that account
Lafly Latifah
Lafly Latifah Prije 9 dana
alternative tittle : kassie giving amazing relationship advice
Sydney A
Sydney A Prije 9 dana
I'm really curious about the games name. If the perspective is from the player whose name is probably not coincidentally going to be Emily... and you have the choice to be in a relationship with either Evelyn or Emily, why was the name of the game Emily is Away? What would've happened if she'd chosen to be with Emily; since it sounds like the game was based around the character Emily. What if something much MUCH different happened that changed the entire game. If anyone knows what happens if you choose Emily, please tell me!!! =]
Esra Afrouzani
Esra Afrouzani Prije 9 dana
I feel like kassie should've ended up with mat?!
• Beanie Bree •
• Beanie Bree • Prije 9 dana
1:23 I have an aunt named Karen- I promise that she's not an internet Karen.
Ayleigha May
Ayleigha May Prije 9 dana
I just watched this whole thing.
melanie ault
melanie ault Prije 10 dana
we need more of these
melanie ault
melanie ault Prije 10 dana
oh no does terri know
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 10 dana
Not me
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 10 dana
No way 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Savannah Nieman
Savannah Nieman Prije 10 dana
I am still in second grade
xXRαιdeηXx Prije 10 dana
The relationship with Evelyn started out so cute and wholesome but got kinda toxic. I hate how manipulative she became. She reminded me of my toxic ex a lot. People truly do change and sometimes it isn't for the better.
Shayla Gordon
Shayla Gordon Prije 10 dana
You have to play this again where you pick Emily and mat over evelynn
Emely Zamora
Emely Zamora Prije 10 dana
What game is that 🥰🥰
k.atsuroki Prije 10 dana
I was literally screaming at Evelyn. The way she couldn’t even admit she was probably seeing Steve and how she was saying “so you’re saying I can’t have friends when you told me friends are important?” UGHSH she so manipulative
Rxbelilix Prije 10 dana
The way she got so into this XD
Gaming Cookies432
Gaming Cookies432 Prije 10 dana
AAAAH THE THIRD IN THE SERIESSSS ima need to go back and rewatch the others, I remember loving theeeeem
minion :3
minion :3 Prije 10 dana
That was a hot mess over there can you please try to make a part 2 and part 3
Imogen_Playzz_Crazy Prije 10 dana
I love how you said december 19Th thats my birthday hahaha
Cisso Green
Cisso Green Prije 10 dana
im driking hot chocolate but every time i take a sip i feel it burning all the way down
Ariel Mackintosh
Ariel Mackintosh Prije 10 dana
Me: looks at the time Kassie: posts a 1 1/2 hour long video Me: ima cancel all my plans today
Adriana Wise
Adriana Wise Prije 10 dana
Kassie: No one cares about me. Everyone in the comments: We care about you kassie!!
Faded UwU
Faded UwU Prije 10 dana
I need more
Mocha•ᄉ• Prije 10 dana
I need to see her play Emily is away 2 now. I didn't even know she was playing 1 cas in other play throughs I've never seen those people or this story, did they update?
Gianna River
Gianna River Prije 10 dana
Can I have a friend like mat please
Henri Lansbury
Henri Lansbury Prije 10 dana
i downloaded it but when i press play game i say i got steam and it does nothing? can you tell me what to do
juhi mostofa
juhi mostofa Prije 10 dana
Athena Caile
Athena Caile Prije 10 dana
I do that to lol
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Prije 10 dana
What's the name of the game?
froggo Prije 10 dana
"Oh I kissed a girl, yeah those were THE songs" Me: " *wait it's from 2008?* "
Rosemary Smith
Rosemary Smith Prije 10 dana
Play more pls what is this gane
Vienna Duran
Vienna Duran Prije 10 dana
Im not done with the vid3eo yet, my time is 1:35:15 does she end up with mat, pls yes.
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