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These are some of the top gems from my FYP on Tik Tok. It's such niche 2021 weirdly satisfying content, what a time to be alive.
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

itsyourgirlmini Prije 3 sati
My name is mini and I love mini stafff
Jade Prije 10 sati
Her is lying...? That kid looks to old to say that
Crysta Northern
Crysta Northern Prije 10 sati
4:43 - 4:55 IM DYING 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Prije dan
Lol Kim and cortny like "I had.......a......banana.......for......diner... ya.....y"
Janaya Gest
Janaya Gest Prije dan
Allison Faircloth
Allison Faircloth Prije 2 dana
Did y’all see what the message said when the people where talked slow. Umm what reply and tell me what happened in that text.
BriVloger Prije 2 dana
I used to hear the music of delight when I watched seven super girls!!!!
Miltøkiシ Prije 2 dana
0:28 *why do all those songs remind me of 7 super girls? I watched them when I was a Tiny human*
EclipseEdits Prije 2 dana
Elishua McLeod
Elishua McLeod Prije 3 dana
My last name is McLeod
electricisthelove Prije 3 dana
nooo, the "i am afraid" one gets me everytime
Lilly Hayes
Lilly Hayes Prije 3 dana
That lady with a bunch of mini items....me:gets tiny chess board frim mc donalds and being proud😂
Amber Allsep
Amber Allsep Prije 3 dana
4:30 I think its Google Earth
Nikki Neal
Nikki Neal Prije 3 dana
On the part where you did your lungs like healthy lung check I held it 10 seconds overdue let’s goooooooo
Fin Prije 3 dana
Got dem mini lulus
kenna mulroy
kenna mulroy Prije 3 dana
Kassie: I'm glad I don't live somewhere near alligators. Everyone in Florida: 🥲
Lighting Deku
Lighting Deku Prije 4 dana
i can do it 1:24
ximikyu Prije 4 dana
ACTUALLY you should talk to someone in a coma, as in updating them with the time and dates, telling them what's been happening. when people are in comas, they're somewhat "aware", and when (if) they wake up, they won't be as confused, because sometimes talking can actually help someone out of a coma.
Poke x Sunbear Roblox
Poke x Sunbear Roblox Prije 4 dana
I watch the kid who does the asmr it was a skit-
T O A S T E R Prije 4 dana
Luna HauckDrake
Luna HauckDrake Prije 5 dana
Me trying to read all the why are we here? Just to suffer?! Text: why are we still here...just to suffer?
Adriano Jovy
Adriano Jovy Prije 5 dana
5:30 You Died 5:35 The "why are we still here" meme ✌️😭
Diana Donut
Diana Donut Prije 5 dana
12:34 anyone else notice she said gf instead of bf?
Love Sweet Tae
Love Sweet Tae Prije 5 dana
It’s a crocodile😐
Queen Glory
Queen Glory Prije 6 dana
3:05 my best friend can do that lol
•ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅʏᴊᴀᴄᴋɪᴇ• Prije 6 dana
3:26: When I have a science fair-
luhvly Prije 6 dana
4:56: It's a *moÓÒôønster*
paige burke
paige burke Prije 6 dana
Anybody else pause the thing when the text showed up 5:36
Nina Viney
Nina Viney Prije 6 dana
i talk so fast i usually mix up words and/or miss them out lol
Kitty meow lover
Kitty meow lover Prije 7 dana
the first one I know all of the songs!
VRoberts 1117
VRoberts 1117 Prije 7 dana
*I'm now trying to swallow and breathe at the same time*
Gurleen Bassi (696gurbass)
Gurleen Bassi (696gurbass) Prije 7 dana
The way the alligator wiggled was how hard i was laughing throughout the whole video
Anria Van Tonder
Anria Van Tonder Prije 7 dana
My mum and dad are bikers play join the club called the desert are there are about 100 people in the club like most of the people I know are bikers and I can tell you the thing of the shot is 100% true except you won't really be running one way how are you do know how to find them is an insulting their bikes
Deborah Czuba
Deborah Czuba Prije 8 dana
Kalynn Spurlock
Kalynn Spurlock Prije 8 dana
The thing were they were putting the stuffed dog on the pole is how they put stuffing in the animals. Look up Build A Bear Workshop u will see
Vijaya Rechkemmer
Vijaya Rechkemmer Prije 9 dana
Kassie going on a rant about talking slowly Me just vibing to the background music that I hear in all of her episode vids
Marina Borromeo
Marina Borromeo Prije 9 dana
I can beatbox
Lizzy Roblox
Lizzy Roblox Prije 9 dana
Girl: show me your pointless most small thing Me: looks at my baby brother
_Amaneko Swans_
_Amaneko Swans_ Prije 9 dana
Hey gloom aint nobody tell you yet about you look great everyday and damm that necklace you wearing today look so beautiful as you are..i love how the necklace and the clothes matching
Mika O'Donovan
Mika O'Donovan Prije 10 dana
0:28 0:34 0:44 0:49 is like all the songs needed to kickstart your youtube career
Amanda Turner
Amanda Turner Prije 10 dana
My kid I love you so daughter she has long she’s in the hospital when she was four so she watches your videos when she was in the hospital I want to say thank you so much.
NOELLE HOLMES Prije 10 dana
The Kardashian one is so funny! And Kourtney speaks like a teacher on a phone call. THEY SPEAK SO SLOW 😩
Aalia Girdari-McLawrence
Aalia Girdari-McLawrence Prije 10 dana
I can bit box and hum at the same time
Loom with Naomi
Loom with Naomi Prije 10 dana
5:37 read it
Daniela Morgenstern
Daniela Morgenstern Prije 11 dana
2:35 sooooo sadddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Lia Michaelson
Lia Michaelson Prije 11 dana
Who else paused to read the message. 5:36
Amna Wafiyyah
Amna Wafiyyah Prije 12 dana
POV : you wish you had as much cute outfit as kassie has
Adrianna _frost
Adrianna _frost Prije 12 dana
Bigcookieboi Prije 12 dana
i can betbox and hum at the same time
Daily Star YT
Daily Star YT Prije 12 dana
When I zone out I have a lazy eye so my right eye goes to the side LOOKS CREEPY XD
Maria Mikitas
Maria Mikitas Prije 13 dana
I love keeping up with the Kardashians
A L Prije 13 dana
7:39 @gloom I think he meant people as in the workers like nurses and doctors
Kawaii Ninja
Kawaii Ninja Prije 13 dana
Emmy Pickle12
Emmy Pickle12 Prije 13 dana
7:55 just don't ask ;)
Mia Galaz
Mia Galaz Prije 13 dana
Kassie is such a relatable person
Tooth Pick
Tooth Pick Prije 13 dana
12:04 - 12:13 **W I G G L E. W I G G L E. W I G G L E**
Alyson Toth
Alyson Toth Prije 14 dana
*Video idea "Trying low-waisted jeans"
JBOD Baker 4
JBOD Baker 4 Prije 14 dana
Alice Shane
Alice Shane Prije 14 dana
Who else tried to swallow and breathe at the same time?
Shayla Vo
Shayla Vo Prije 14 dana
Do we tell kassie that asmr tiktok is just a skit and winkeyy didn’t actually get suspended...
Brock Rosales
Brock Rosales Prije 14 dana
Did you know that alligators don’t swim in the water they walk on the bottom with the top of their head out
Astro Prije 14 dana
I love how the dog runs away from the spoon
Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller Prije 14 dana
Any one else try to swallow and breath at the same time
Imani Willie
Imani Willie Prije 15 dana
Its the pole in the but for me-
lpsrainbow 1
lpsrainbow 1 Prije 15 dana
Can tou please do a bit life on the new update pls
Abrianna Souza
Abrianna Souza Prije 15 dana
I can bebox at The same time
Abrianna Souza
Abrianna Souza Prije 15 dana
I can come and beatbox at same time
insecure frog
insecure frog Prije 15 dana
1:08 your gonna make me stare at it for the rest of the video thanks editor🙁
Allegra Chauvet
Allegra Chauvet Prije 15 dana
"you can't swallow and breathe at the same time" *gulp-gu-gulp-gasp-ga-gulp-gasp*
Aurora Winters
Aurora Winters Prije 15 dana
I can beat box and hum at the same time
patience morris
patience morris Prije 15 dana
Cassie you should get Lauren Z side the mini blow up man
Animal Gang
Animal Gang Prije 15 dana
Lol the fake text message pause at 5:36 if u wanna read it its abit weird but funny😂
SamueleTheSnake Prije 15 dana
The gut trying to do ASMR is called winkeyy.he does slot of those little skits
aprima medah
aprima medah Prije 16 dana
Mx. INCOGNITO Prije 16 dana
me doing the keeping up with the cardashians speed 2 and they finally speak normally
Zylah Blanco
Zylah Blanco Prije 16 dana
looks at camera never looks back
Evie Welsh
Evie Welsh Prije 17 dana
Aspen and Savannah
Aspen and Savannah Prije 17 dana
did i miss anythi- O MY TUBE MAN
megan fick
megan fick Prije 17 dana
Kasey: I am really glad Im live somewhere without alligators Me: lives in Flodria
Virag Bat
Virag Bat Prije 17 dana
zain khurshid
zain khurshid Prije 17 dana
Melanie Prije 18 dana
The doctor one "im afraid" got me dead😭😭
MyHappyPlace #ToyReviews
MyHappyPlace #ToyReviews Prije 18 dana
Im a HRpostr i i dont know who keven miklow is i dont even know how to spell his name, LOL!
Peekaboo The Kitten
Peekaboo The Kitten Prije 18 dana
The calming is the theme song to a kids audio book thing bedtime fm story time...
Penelope Sandell
Penelope Sandell Prije 18 dana
fluffing a duck
Sophia Ocampo
Sophia Ocampo Prije 19 dana
Btw i dont chew and i dont choke
AbUnChOf Randomness
AbUnChOf Randomness Prije 19 dana
Dear HRpost, I am afraid
Subway Prije 19 dana
7:50 *wheeze*
Tiffany Best
Tiffany Best Prije 19 dana
Me and my cousin FaceTime a LOT And she talks a little bit slow
AbUnChOf Randomness
AbUnChOf Randomness Prije 19 dana
Snake... why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg and arm... even my fingers... the body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting. It's like they're all still there. You feel it too, don't you? I'm the one who got caught up with Cipher. A group above nations, even the US. And I was the parasite below, feeding off Zero's power. They came after you in Cyprus... then Afghanistan... Cipher... just keeps growing. Swallowing everything in it's path. Getting bigger and bigger... Who knows how big now? Boss. I'm gonna make 'em give back our past... take back everything that we've lost. And I won't rest... until we do. - Message at 5:36
KatelynVloger3 Prije 19 dana
I just got done cleaning
mas0n Prije 19 dana
hi leonard, i am *afraid* 😨😨
MrAnonymous Prije 19 dana
I actually tried humming and beatboxing, and it worked!!! Thats not normal for me, i am currently special or its Gloom that is. 😂
Eva Stevanoski
Eva Stevanoski Prije 19 dana
So mini
Lan Dinh
Lan Dinh Prije 20 dana
9:40 XD the kids reaction
S a n s
S a n s Prije 20 dana
I am afraid
Elyse Kessler
Elyse Kessler Prije 20 dana
3:51 Did anyone else hear her say she used a mini toolbox to install her air-conditioning? Wow, well done 👏
Mafia Aktar
Mafia Aktar Prije 20 dana
That was Winky asmr and it was a prank for HRpost so ya
Zoe Ulloa
Zoe Ulloa Prije 20 dana
Her: i’m really glad I live somewhere without alligators. Me: I live in Florida🤠👍🏼
All Things Ocean
All Things Ocean Prije 20 dana
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