What girls play when the boys aren't home

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Time to get a hot session of Girl Genius in before Terry gets home, gotta learn how to deal with getting cheated on 100x in a row while also surviving a failed gold digging scheme. Survival is key, so is this high brow mobile app experience.
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

a d a l e e
a d a l e e Prije 3 sati
a d a l e e
a d a l e e Prije 3 sati
2:28 “oh jeez I just killed him with a coconut” I can’t stop laughing 😂
AshleyRandoms Prije 7 sati
5:23 Wait....how is the fire still there?
Christina Øvregård
Christina Øvregård Prije 12 sati
Happy det u ar Gloom
fausat yusuf
fausat yusuf Prije dan
my boyfriend says I wish I had a girlfriend me: I’m here my boyfriend I love u but I have two me me too😎
Destiney Tomes
Destiney Tomes Prije 2 dana
"i hook up with all boys i have contact with" *gloom kills a guy*
“Happy say I’m GlOoM” will never get old lol
Sam Lunan
Sam Lunan Prije 2 dana
What hapen?😺
KT GoMo Prije 2 dana
Pls do more girl genius it is so funny
Queen of Slytherin HP
Queen of Slytherin HP Prije 2 dana
What game called
Estelle Penrose
Estelle Penrose Prije 2 dana
What game is that
Marisol Luna
Marisol Luna Prije 3 dana
Marisol Luna
Marisol Luna Prije 3 dana
hey gloom can you play girl genius
Paisley Sumpter
Paisley Sumpter Prije 3 dana
She do be like inflat it
Em Louise
Em Louise Prije 3 dana
Furia the cool cat
Furia the cool cat Prije 3 dana
What the heck?
Mandy Ott
Mandy Ott Prije 4 dana
Kimmie Moore
Kimmie Moore Prije 4 dana
Eleonor Ibañez
Eleonor Ibañez Prije 4 dana
I already play that cheater boys or girl
Amber Calica
Amber Calica Prije 4 dana
I played that game and completed all the levels
gisele aurellia
gisele aurellia Prije 4 dana
Its not for kids*
gisele aurellia
gisele aurellia Prije 4 dana
That game is so uhh disgusting its not or kids to play
gisele aurellia
gisele aurellia Prije 4 dana
Tofu girl
Tofu girl Prije 5 dana
Gloom pretty please play Roblox
Dark_wølf Prije 5 dana
I love you Gloom!! ♡
juju delarosa
juju delarosa Prije 5 dana
I love it when she makes it look like she has a big brain lol
Ruby Oguns
Ruby Oguns Prije 5 dana
Ina White
Ina White Prije 5 dana
Ina White
Ina White Prije 5 dana
I do not love you guys
Ina White
Ina White Prije 5 dana
Edgar Panlilio
Edgar Panlilio Prije 6 dana
do you have a husband or a brother or a boyfriend?😑
AVA SEPE Prije 6 dana
Audrey Dons
Audrey Dons Prije 6 dana
The Title is true
Dinosaur Friendly
Dinosaur Friendly Prije 6 dana
I think your smarter UwU
Evez Orebe
Evez Orebe Prije 7 dana
Gloom can be a voice actor she is perfect for it👍👍
Wolphie-Chan c:
Wolphie-Chan c: Prije 7 dana
I have this game but Kassie reads it like its Episode. I love watching her play this
mîñţXx Prije 7 dana
Clearly a KitKat
Clearly a KitKat Prije 7 dana
Aw poor tiger 😢🐯
Zora Bursic
Zora Bursic Prije 8 dana
I LOVE this channel
Christine Shin
Christine Shin Prije 8 dana
Peace sign!
Galexy Pika
Galexy Pika Prije 8 dana
i like your vids
April Streber
April Streber Prije 8 dana
If you say the youtuber s name three times you get pined let’s give it a go Gloom Gloom Gloom
꧁Zoe The Neon Maker꧂
꧁Zoe The Neon Maker꧂ Prije 8 dana
R.i.p tiger 🦁
Naty’s Playtime
Naty’s Playtime Prije 8 dana
Emilia Paniague
Emilia Paniague Prije 8 dana
My man is gone
24kMilz Prije 8 dana
There’s boys here to btw-
•「 amy-chan 」•
•「 amy-chan 」• Prije 8 dana
Terry if he found out Kassie was doing this... 😆
Romain Richards
Romain Richards Prije 9 dana
Romain Richards
Romain Richards Prije 9 dana
Romain Richards
Romain Richards Prije 9 dana
Erianna Ball
Erianna Ball Prije 9 dana
Erianna Ball
Erianna Ball Prije 9 dana
Richard Kirk
Richard Kirk Prije 9 dana
타마라 Prije 9 dana
She has an Arabic necklace with her name on it
blouse designs Bilagi
blouse designs Bilagi Prije 9 dana
I finished the whole game and It has restarted
Etta Morales
Etta Morales Prije 10 dana
Lori Matise
Lori Matise Prije 10 dana
Kassie/gloom: Yay! i saved my friend -Friend: *dies* -Kassie/gloom: idc all i care about is my probaly new bf
Laurence Brain
Laurence Brain Prije 10 dana
Wait I a boy is that bad?
itz_mel Prije 11 dana
😐i will maybe secretly play this
RedVelvety Jess
RedVelvety Jess Prije 11 dana
I hope you keep playing this, I was laughing so hard!!
Aryn Ross
Aryn Ross Prije 11 dana
I have a tray-ehn? Yay we're starving!
Gacha KeKe Life
Gacha KeKe Life Prije 11 dana
*this is me when nobody is home*
Jos Ballesteros
Jos Ballesteros Prije 11 dana
You said bird water
Natalie or Natster722?
Natalie or Natster722? Prije 12 dana
Got my phone I win
Gary Ehnes
Gary Ehnes Prije 12 dana
Brittany Hopkins
Brittany Hopkins Prije 12 dana
Happy day on GlOoM
Meryl Abdelmessieh
Meryl Abdelmessieh Prije 12 dana
I have this game...
Treana Boden
Treana Boden Prije 12 dana
🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 do it 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻
Chantel Cantwell
Chantel Cantwell Prije 12 dana
I love your vids
sof_xx Prije 12 dana
Game: Oh no you lost your keys! Kassie: What do I doohoo
Phoenix Montina
Phoenix Montina Prije 13 dana
Oh so first episode Terry is chill girl genius Terry kassie is dating hot guys I am jelly
Dona Joseph
Dona Joseph Prije 13 dana
Litzy Torres
Litzy Torres Prije 13 dana
My sis is level 178
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton Prije 13 dana
I mean... you are right
Natasja Skovly
Natasja Skovly Prije 13 dana
"hApPy dAy iM GloOm"
Davon Webb
Davon Webb Prije 14 dana
Hehe here eat this rock
Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson Prije 14 dana
I have that game
The MangoKing
The MangoKing Prije 14 dana
That’s see how much subs can I get form this comment
Kimberly Semedo
Kimberly Semedo Prije 14 dana
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Prije 14 dana
I your fan number 1Gloom
Aneela Rauf
Aneela Rauf Prije 14 dana
Are u wearing a Muslim necklace I lover itt
Ariel Vazquez
Ariel Vazquez Prije 14 dana
I just killed this guy with a boulder
siti hajar
siti hajar Prije 14 dana
What kind a game is that?
Emily Reiart
Emily Reiart Prije 14 dana
I was watching and my puppy was laying down next to me and his paw hit the bottom and it started scrolling down😂😂😂😂😂
Miljana Miljus
Miljana Miljus Prije 14 dana
Gloom:Your wish is my comand Me:He did nothinngggggg
Ducliem Nguyen
Ducliem Nguyen Prije 15 dana
More more now now now
Prudence Wachter
Prudence Wachter Prije 15 dana
Can you please be my friend
Elie Prije 15 dana
Am I the on,y one who noticed while she was cracking the code for the cannubals she called the fish a bird 😂😂
Archer PULKETT Prije 15 dana
that isnt a girl only game btw
Jk Fans
Jk Fans Prije 15 dana
What name game
fasia badji
fasia badji Prije 15 dana
me when the blond boy cheated on her:*I SENCE GAYNESS*
fasia badji
fasia badji Prije 15 dana
* n *
Xxitssnowy_wovlf M. Dulay
Xxitssnowy_wovlf M. Dulay Prije 15 dana
i got level 100 to 1 day lol
Lizette Andrews
Lizette Andrews Prije 15 dana
Don't go to the last level it's goes to the first level 1
Tegan Ransom
Tegan Ransom Prije 16 dana
Me as a boy watching this:...
gerene kate
gerene kate Prije 16 dana
Girl gennius is that how you spell
Sarah Jane Morris
Sarah Jane Morris Prije 16 dana
Mr chubby is sweating IN WATER!
Larry Green
Larry Green Prije 16 dana
Jocelyn Baba
Jocelyn Baba Prije 16 dana
V means victory girl.
Gregggkfxfy6d Harpnick
Gregggkfxfy6d Harpnick Prije 16 dana
Amani Hashem
Amani Hashem Prije 16 dana
I love you so much
Reema Ugh
Reema Ugh Prije 16 dana
Her necklace is so cute it has her name in Arabic Iam sure most of arab had it in there name 😭
Smile by MALLMSZ
Smile by MALLMSZ Prije 16 dana
Kassie:Is your man not here? Me:no and he will never be😭
Death_roses Prije 16 dana
First you are to hot now to cold lol
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